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Oh dear, here we go again...

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Spreadyourwings, Mar 25, 2011.

  1. I would really appreciate some advice to deal with a situation which is simmering at work.
    I had lots of grief from my head a few years back but somehow managed to fight back and stay the course and things have been fine for a while until....
    A few weeks back an angry poarent wrote him a rambling letter complaining that I had not given homework out on the first week back after half-term ( I give homework out on Monday and we started back on tuesday so i let my Year 4's have the week off) There was a big inquest and he wrote to the parent (actually the children's mother's boyfriend) and things settled down.
    Until today when the parent wrote again complaining that the child had not received a parents' evening slip, (it had been emailed by office) and suggesting this was deliberate due to his previous complaint. he also complained because I had asked my class if they could bring in a shoebox or cereal box for model making. I had not written a letter, just asked the children and said bring one if you can, we've got spares if you can't find one. I didn't see any problem with this. However the (not)parent demanded that the head invesitgate the matter or he would seek help from outside agencies.
    The head was furious with me, and went into a long rant about how these are just little kids and that I have to send letters out on time (I did!) and the matter will have to go to the governors if he goes outside and it could trigger an Ofsted. All over a wretched cardboard box.
    I am so exhausted with APPs, targets, letters for sponsored events, parents' evening planning, letters for trips, lunchtime duty there is barely a second free in the day, yet it seems now I dare not breathe without writing a letter to ask permission.
    I am at the end of my tether, I just want out. I am supposedly an outstanding teacher and my class's results are always excellent yet it seems nothing I do is good enough.
    I was very upset about the matter but now I am more upset at myself for letting him see me so upset. I am concerned that now that he has seen me as weak he will start picking on me over other matters. I feel I need to assert myself and put make it clear I have done no wrong.
    I therefore have decided to write a letter that I want to be put on file giving my side, as protection against any further problems but I am worried I could make things worse.
    Any thoughts, would a letter be a good idea?

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