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Oh $&*£ - does anyone know about uni procedures??

Discussion in 'Personal' started by pinkflipflop, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. I don't know if they will bend the rules or not and I don't want to alarm you but everyon who missed our end of year exam had to resit a year later. They didn't graduate with the rest of us.
  2. I dont see that they will change what they have already told you ... that he will receive 0% for the paper

    Is it possible for him to receive a degree without that paper?

    I guess the only thing that he could ask for is a viva for this paper
  3. I don't know exactly as the person I spoke to was just an office worker and didn't know exactly what would happen. Apparently he has heard lots of stories that your 2 lowest marks are 'discounted' how true this is I don't know. I don't know exactly what happens when they calculate your marks and stuff.
    I'm still waiting to hear from his lecturer and see what he says. I have been crying all morning but MrCC has been lovely and said its his fault not mine and its not a big deal if he has to wait until next year as he thought he was going to fail the exam anyway. - not that any of that makes me feel better!
    It's a waiting game I suppose.
  4. I had to resit an exam at Uni due to depression. I did turn up to the exam but was in such a state that I couldn't really write much.
    The Uni were aware of my depression and allowed me to resit for medical reasons - they delayed giving me my final score til I'd sat (and passed) the exam.
    I don't know whether Mr CC could speak to his tutor regarding this - are they aware that he is struggling?
    Don't worry too much about the mistake - my Mum and I both nearly missed a plane because we both misread the time.
    It's an easy mistake to make, and I'm sure that Mr CC knows that you were trying to help.

  5. Crowbob

    Crowbob Lead commenter

    The Uni website (or the VLE, most likely) will contain information on the award of degrees.
    Much will depend on the size of the unit. Small units, you can sometimes get away with discounting (condonable fail). For larger units (20 or 30 credits) it is unlikely you will be allowed a condonable fail. It will pretty much be out of the lecturer's hands.
    For the suggestion of a viva, I would think this is extremely unlikely. Particularly where the candidate does not qualify for extenuating circumstances. Missing an exam because of the mistake of another person in transcribing the timetable would not be a justified extenuating circumstance in my neck of the woods.
    Hope all goes well and am very sorry to hear about the issue. It is unlikely anybody here will be able to give you advice as so much will depend on the statutes of the University/Faculty.
  6. Thanks for that sensei, its good to know that they can be accomodating. Unfortunately the uni were not previously aware of MrCCs issues, but I have explained this in the email.
    I don't know how I managed to make such a mistake as that, but thinking about it lately I have been rather stupid in lots of ways - washing myself in the shower with shaving foam, 'turning the shower on' by flushing the toilet, writing the complete opposite to what I am thinking.
    I think that he may still be able to pass this year but with a BSc instead of BSc (Hons) degree by discounting the module - but I don't know what the impact of this would be?!
    MrCC has been (too) calm about this blunder and I think in a way he is kind of relieved that he hasn't had to do it.
  7. Heard back from his tutor and it appears that the only option is to resit the exam next year but the mark would be capped at 40% therefore bringing his overall degree classification down from a 2:1 to a 2:2. This would also incur a charge of half the annual fees (1.5k ish) BUT he would have to pay for this himself. This degree would be with honours.
    Or I think he could have the module discounted, still get a 2:1 but the degree would not come with honours. This would allow him to graduate this year.
    Still feeling incredibly guilty and wish I could turn back time!
    Had he gained a slightly higher mark on one of his assignments, the module could have been compensated saving all this hassle!
  8. You can't blame yourself CC. Yes you offered to help him out, but ultimately it is his responsibility to organise himself for exams etc. If you are studying for an honours degree the least you should be able to do is check your exam timetable regularly and this is not your fault.
  9. emilystrange

    emilystrange Star commenter

    it's his responsibility, not yours.
  10. jazz2

    jazz2 New commenter

    Have degree classifications changed that much??
    Used to be Pass, then Honours would be either 3rd class, 2nd class (2:1 or 2:2) or 1st. Maybe I'm even older than I think I am [​IMG]
  11. phatsals

    phatsals Senior commenter

    I agree, I thought Ordinary degrees were pass but no grade and Honours degrees had levels.
  12. I believe the last 2 posters are correct

    An Ordinary Degree is a Pass degree (below a 3rd)
  13. catmother

    catmother Star commenter

    Sorry but I can't get my head around the idea of a man who is taking his final exams but cannot get himself organised to go to the correct room.
  14. I found it odder that the OP made the phone calls and sent the emails ... but each to their own ... I guess if he is a real panicker he may just not have been able to cope [​IMG]
  15. Me too! I'm hoping that this is CCs son and not her partner too!
  16. catmother

    catmother Star commenter

    As far as I remember from other postings,CC is a young female. She is speaking about her boyfriend.
  17. Hmmm. I thought I was being a bit too hopeful in assuming it wasn't her boyfriend!
  18. Sorry I have spent the whole day panicking and stressing out on behalf of MrCC ) who yes is my partner) so I haven't been back on.
    I know it was his responsibility but my teacher side comes out in situations like this and I like to get him organised and help him as he is a true panicker!! I told him not to worry about the timetable as I had checked it and written it all down (I was at the same uni last year so I know how it all works)
    I also try and make him work to the revision timetable I designed for him (I know this is bad but as I said I can't help wanting to make sure he is properly organised) I do the same for my brother and incidentally both he and MrCC are the same age.
    After we realised the blunder this morning I went into sheer panic mode and was trying to get an answer asap - I hate 'not knowing' which is why I made all the phone calls/emails. MrCC was much calmer (!!??) and was telling me not to stress out and what will be will be. He later contacted his tutor to 'apologise' for my behaviour and to explain that I was just very stressed.
    I have spent the past few weeks reminding MrCC on a daily basis of the time and date of the exam - I really don't know why I had that time in my head! So, all I can say is I already feel sorry for my children and I don't have any yet!! As presumably I will be even worse with them.
    It's all over now and there is nothing we can do but wait until the summer when he can resit the exam and then graduate the following year. He has told me over and over not to worry as its his fault not mine but I still can't help feeling guilty. Maybe I do 'mother' him too much but I know how worked up he gets and being around a majorly stressed MrCC is not much fun.
    Thanks again for all your posts. Oh and on the ordinary degree/honours degree front, I could be wrong that was just the info I got from a website but maybe it is just a pass.
  19. If I were you I would stop treating him like a child or he will never take any responsbility for himself!
  20. emilystrange

    emilystrange Star commenter

    i agree, pff. i know you want to do your best for him, CC, but when he gets out in the big wide job market, he'll have to do it himself.don't leave him with too much to learn in that respect.

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