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Discussion in 'Education news' started by Iftilsi, Feb 1, 2016.

  1. Iftilsi

    Iftilsi New commenter

    This is Ofsted the quasi, political organisation that amended Haringey’s Child Protection Services report, so that Sharon Shoe smith could be sacked and then claim an estimated three quarters of a million in compensation? The same organisation where over 75% of their senior inspectors cannot achieve any common consensus of what a good or outstanding lesson actually looks like? Education is a political ‘hot potato’ and with teacher recruitment at one of its lowest points in over 10 years, the government needs to be looking at how to both recruit and retain professional teachers.

    Ofsted is very far from perfect, but if anything it is probably far too lenient on pulling the plug on schools. Its true raison d'etre is to provide just a few sacrificial goats so that the government can con the public into believing that they actually care about state education. A very big problem in most schools is the amount of disruption in classes, that seriously dilutes the amount of teaching and learning in lessons.

    Don't believe the rubbish about outstanding schools. I could tell you tales about the so-called outstanding schools where I live that would truly shock you. It's far, far, worse than Ofsted says it is! Disruption in schools is yet another symptom of a distressed society. Schools are set up to fail. It's risible that the neoliberals in all the main parties think that rebranding schools will magically make them safe and successful. If parents knew how psychologically toxic most. schools are, they hopefully would insist on urgent change. You judge a society by how it treats its young, old, sick and most vulnerable. Wilshaw, Gove, Blunkett et al, have implemented a most cruel educational revolution.

    The idea that a school is suddenly deemed inadequate because some 6th formers decided to play silly bu**ers on Facebook would be laughable if it wasn't so scary. Issues like this can be dealt with by the school without putting it on the press pages of the nation as Ofsted well knows. Ofsted was quite happy for kids in so called Trojan Horse schools in Birmingham to be harassed by the tabloid press. In my book that makes them irresponsible. Education secretary, Nicky Morgan, will doubtless try to differentiate between a single-sex school separating genders at the gate, and an Islamic faith school segregating them within a co-ed environment; but its not an Islamic faith School, its a state school......but what this really suggests is that there is good segregation and bad segregation. Of course there is e.g. women choosing to go to an all female gym "good", women/girls being made to sit at the back of the class/bus "bad".In other words, segregation is OK if done really thoroughly in separate single-sex schools run by or associated with Christian churches, but is not OK if carried out less thoroughly within mixed schools with a Muslim intake or run by Islamic groups.There are single-sex state schools, many of them with a religious affiliation. It is hatred to try to rout out radicalism before it becomes dangerous? This is politically correct thinking run amok. I shudder to think of what will become of the UK if this becomes mainstream opinion. Ofsted’s rush to tackle extremism in education is symptomatic of a political frenzy born of hatred. There is no doubt that there are the elements of racism and bigotry towards Muslim Schools. Islamophobia is growing rapidly in Europe.

    Ofsted's conclusions are always going to be couched in the dismal language of political correctness which most parents can see straight through. For example, how many parents at Middle Rasen primary school in rural Lincolnshire are going to be worried about their children's school being denied 'outstanding' status because it offers a “lack of first-hand experience of the diverse make up of modern British society”. I live in a borough where parents fight like mad to get their kids into a 'special measures' secondary school and wouldn't dream of sending them to an allegedly greatly improved 'outstanding' school on the overspill estate. Unless the Facebook account was set up and administered from the school as part of its curriculum, I don't see what business it is of the school to monitor it. Why should the school be condemned by OFSTED for something over which it has no control? It is yet another hysterical outburst by an unaccountable body that allows "something being seen to be done". Racially profiled basis," wrong. Ofsted is operating on a religiously profiled basis...

    Ofsted do not like to talk about its own failures. It is being defended to a ridiculous level by the Ministry of Education. When I have written to the Ministry of Education about other, similar, Ofsted failures, I received a reply that Ofsted inspectors judge and grade schools by a multiplicity of variables, GCSEs results being just one, therefore 'failure' of Ofsted as suggested by me is of minimal importance. I cannot see these multiple variables in a report, and I think that the Ministry of Education is always in a hurry to condemn teaching and teachers, but always trying to justify unjustifiable Ofsted failures. When teachers rise or fall by their results, there is no reason why Ofsted should not, but in fact they are being put above any criteria by which normal people can judge Ofsted.

    As to reasons why Ofsted is failing in its job. Here are a few, there are more. The move from a 5-days inspection to 2-days inspection (Labour cuts to save money) had catastrophic results for quality of inspections as well as for benefits by way of sound advice which they bring to schools.

    "Islamic extremism" means, praying 5x is Islamic, paying zakat (charity) is Islamic, growing a beard is Islamic, going on Haji is Islamic, a woman wearing headscarf is Islamic etc. Here are some other things that are Islamic….Algebra, numerals, poetry, calligraphy. If a woman who wears the Niqab means she is preserving her beauty and sexuality only for husband, I don't see what's wrong with that, is it better if she is wears revealing clothes where she is the property of every men walking down street to goggle at? I personally don't care about either of them, its a personal choice and you are intolerant anti-Muslim individual.

    Ofsted penalised the school for not having an 'anti extremism' policy about how they were preventing their students from becoming extremists. At a recent Ofsted conference, when questioned about when we should write these policies and what they should detail, Ofsted said that schools cannot write these policies yet as DFE have not decided what information is required in them, therefore there is no example and whatever we write will be worthless! There also more boys at John Cass so the separate playing fields have always been in place, as there are more boys go girls in the school. The parents of this school are extremely interested in their child's education and praise the members of staff frequently for educating their children.

    No one is taking over the country and this school certainly isn't "extreme". How are the young people being exposed to Islamic Extremism? What it is that there are a few pupils on a YouTube page which has been created away from school. They are looking at material of preachers who are endorsed by bad groups. But that doesn't mean they are exposed to extremism or extremists. Its just as the EDL are over the top supporters of the queen. Doesn't mean that the queen is a bad person because she is endorsed by some right-wing extremists. Does it? Daily Mail please stop adding fuel to the fire with your exaggerated style of writing.
    What gives OFSTED the right, or indeed any Brits, to preach to minority groups about how they should live their lives. This is a cosmopolitan country, the Muslim community have the right to educate their children how they choose. What has being British got to do with your religious belief? In Britain there are Hindus Sikhs pagans Jewish Buddhists atheist Zoroastrians Rasta's and many more should they all change there religious beliefs because they are British? Studying the Qur'an will certainly help towards these children becoming fully integrated citizens of the UK.

    Ofsted had to abandon an inspection of a private primary school after pupils as young as nine were questioned about their attitudes to homosexuality. Parents were concerned after children told them inspectors had spoken privately to a group of nine and ten-year-old...s at the Muslim school, asking them: ‘What does the word gay mean?’ and ‘Is it used in a bad way at school?’It is claimed the children were also asked about terrorism and whether it was discussed. Ofsted was forced to cut short its visit to Olive Tree Primary School in Luton after parents threatened to withdraw their children. Glulam Shah, 40, said his ten-year-old son came home complaining about being asked ‘scary and weird questions’. He said the inspector told his son not to be offended, adding: ‘It’s just a part of the law we have to ask you.’ Ofsted apologised for upsetting parents, but a spokesman said: ‘As part of any school inspection, inspectors will ask pupils about the effectiveness of the school’s actions to prevent and tackle discriminatory and derogatory language – including homophobic language’ This is outrageous….trying to open a conversation about homosexuality or indeed any kind of sexuality with a 9 year old…..without parental consent…and without the parents being present…heads must roll…that inspector must be sacked…. Aren't Ofsted aware that the attitude towards same sex relationships is not exactly wonderful in Catholic and Church of England schools? Some gay and lesbian teachers have found it so difficult working in Christian faith schools that they have either left or had breakdowns. If the OFSTED inspectors had put the same question to the parents, I wonder how they might have responded?
    The problem is the Islamification of schools through the sheer weight of numbers of Muslims in them. Attitudes to gays and terrorism may be some kind of litmus test for such Islamification but Ofsted seem to have approached this in a clumsy and insensitive way. The elephant in the room is that if you have a school full of Muslims then it is always going to be an Islamist school. It's too late to avoid that now. Islam outlaws homosexuality. It's perfectly reasonable to ensure children forced into a religion and a religious school by their parents are educated and accepting, and generally set up to become good citizens. It's also reasonable to suspect a Muslim school, wouldn't encourage acceptance of homosexuality, or discourage playground negativity towards it.

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