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Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by cliveceltic, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Just wondered about Ofsted and supply. I'm long term PPA through the agency at a school every afternoon but no actual contract. We are expecting Ofsted any day for a monitoring visit where they just turn up. I recent found out that although I am being paid by the agency on their teacher flat rate fee I am classed as a CS as work is left for me so I don't plan. I'm teaching PE and PSHE across the school and also covering an NQT doing all 3 KS1 classes on a rotation for music and the Y5/6 teachers senco time which is usually French and topic unless she wants to avoid something and leaves it for me to teach!! Anyway just wondered if Ofsted are likely to observe me?? LEA did a visit last term in preparation and didn't. Other issue is out of 9 KS1-2 classes 3 have long term supply in them and another will after Easter when teacher retires!! That's without counting the time I spend in classes.
  2. Yes. I was observed in 2 lessons during a recent OFSTED. I asked inspectors if they knew I was on supply, they both siad yes they did know, but that it made no difference, supply is observed like any other teacher.I hadn't planned the lessons, just had to deliver- but was very pleased to get the feedback.
  3. Wrighty1000

    Wrighty1000 New commenter

    Yes, the school has no control over which teachers OFSTED sees. I've been observed twice in 2 separate schools. One time I was the only supply there and they still came in for half the lesson. Nobody thought to tell me OFSTED was in until seconds before the pupils walked in! Very scary as I had only been given the lesson plan half an hour before the lesson. (day to day supply) However, nowhere near as scary as if I had been a permanent member of staff. You can only do your best - no point in worrying about it. Another time I wasn't seen at all. Been through 2 LEA visits and wasn't seen. Not sure, but the school might have a little more influence over who the LEA sees when it comes to supply.. Good luck!
  4. When I was observed on supply by OFSTED the inspector also said he intended to see me teach but then, in the next breath wondered why I was not female. He had come to see the teacher I was replacing. You can tell when OFSTED are lying because their lips move and they make sound.

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