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Discussion in 'Ofsted inspections' started by Farthing, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. I have heard from several colleagues who have been Ofsteded since January, under the new schedule. None seem to have felt anything other than being attacked and demoralised and yet I know these are Good teachers. Is the outcome of all Ofsteds now bound to be more negative or is there anyone out there who has been pleased with (or at least not crushed) by their recent Ofsted?
  2. We should be wary about anecdotal stuff like this. Like any change, it makes people nervous. The 'demoralised staff is good' comment by HMCI didn't exactly help, but there we go. This happened in 2009 at the last framework and the absurd comments in the press about safeguarding which were all fuelled by rumour, heresay and innuendo... remember the coffee before safeguarding or the measuring fences nonesense. They all turned out to be either pure fiction or very loosely based on facts that had been blown out of all proportion.
    As far as I can tell, the two inspectors who are monitoring the new framework are doing so very, very carefully. New guidance has been issued just this week to tweak inspection methodology. Before long, quantifiable information will be released on the new framework, so it would be best if we waited for this before declaring that all hell has broken loose.
  3. dusty67

    dusty67 New commenter

    Our school has just been inspected!

    For the past two years our CVA has been 102.5, this year our VA is 101.5.

    We are in an area of high deprivation with high FSM. Our results at Lv 4 E&M are 12% above national; we get 45% Maths Lv 5, 96% Lv 4, our reading Lv 4 is 96%. Our two levels of progress are above national. In fact we get about 30% making three levels. English Lv 5 is in line with National. The only place we are just below national is writing (and only for last year not the two previous)

    When looking at the progress of groups in RAISE, the only groups that are not at sig+ (green) on report are HA boys and girls (9 children). However, there progress is "at least in line " with other HA children nationally.
    Our judgement was good. The lead said that pre January we would have been judged outstanding in all areas, but that for this framework we were good.

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