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Discussion in 'Ofsted inspections' started by angieHT, Oct 23, 2011.

  1. You completely miss the point zinzan. Your patronising tone about me needing to 'move on' is very very immature and adolescent. You merely confirm my beliefs about Ofsted and the inspectorate. You write like a child who cannot argue a point without resorting to inane comments.
  2. zinzan

    zinzan New commenter

    Not really - your comments about Ofsted, your manager etc seem to be so jaundiced that no reasoning will work, Of course stereotypical comments about all inspectors as cheats, snakes traitors etc are great exemplars of maturity and not a bit offensive.

    I'm a teacher who does a small amount of inspecting and I give the money to my school.
  3. 4q2


    Surely most inspections are triggerred by some failure in one area or another.Why not develop a support system rather than judgement system(ofsted)! 30min observations determines whether you oustanding-good-or rubbish. Its flawd!No wonder Senior leaders behave like ofsted inspectors, giving ofsted grades. Inspector undergo training. Get real English Education!
    Is that why english education is ranked 27th in the world?
  4. zinzan

    zinzan New commenter

    There's plenty of support, much of it free. Ofsted is supposed to be an objective measure of where and organisation is at a particular time by people who are impartial. The lesson observation process is one judgement of many on the overall effectiveness. The observation contributes to the overall view of learning. Individual grades are not given to management, only the teacher concerned.
    Ofsted of course have some responsibility for helping raising standards, by providing reports that are clear, giving adequate information to enable action plans to be developed. The question on the value of education to society is a more interesting one and probably the root of the 27the place problem. Would you blame the police for an increase in crime rates?
  5. AlwaysAdaptable

    AlwaysAdaptable New commenter

    OFSTED is a waste of time. Heads hate them, teachers hate them, the kids hate them and the parents hate them. So much money is wasted. This money could go to schools in deprived areas.

  6. zinzan

    zinzan New commenter

    On the other hand, Heads are them, teachers are them, kids and parents think they represent them. What makes you think more money to schools makes them better (See NHS)

  7. Question: Why does my wife now teach children with severe and complex learning difficulties RE, Geography, History, and, wait for this bit....French?
    Answer: Ofsted put it in their report that the pupils are entitled to those subjects.
  8. I'm pretty sure this is incorrect. As far as I understand, it is the DfE who make policy, not Ofsted. Furthermore, if Ofsted found that a curriculum were inappropriate for a group of pupils, for example with PMLD, I'm fairly sure that it would be deemed inadequate under the present framework and that leadership would also be graded low under the 2012 framework where curriculum appears under L&M.
    Finally, as a parent, having a disabled daughter myself, I would not be happy if she was denied the chance to study French, history, geography and RE.
  9. So it was the Dfe who must have phoned the school to tell them to pull their fingers out, stop teaching these children self-help, social skills and other useless stuff, and start teaching them French. How did the DfE know about her school I wonder?

    These children have little language skills as it is, some have English as their second language. They bite, spit and pinch. Some have medical life-limiting conditions whereby they will prob die before the age of 25. French, Geog, History...it beggars belief.
  10. My friend's school has just been inspected and received an outstanding grading. Few pupils study modern foreign languages. They offer a broad and successful BTEC programme that is popular with students. Ofsted made no comment on the English Bacc. As I understand it it is just Michael Gove who wants schools to provide an academic diet to all pupils irrespective of what curriculum offer would be in their best interests.
  11. zinzan

    zinzan New commenter

    Phoned?!! - Exactly what does the published report say?
  12. YesMrBronson

    YesMrBronson New commenter

    "inevitably declining" [​IMG]
    We had HMIs before Ofsted. Please provide evidence that standards have risen since the introduction of Ofsted.
  13. YesMrBronson

    YesMrBronson New commenter

    Perhaps you do not remember the 1980s and early 1990s. For all of its faults, the NHS is a superior service to that provided before the increase in investment.
  14. zinzan

    zinzan New commenter

    and guess what....it has an inspectorate
  15. Now I'm confused! HMI are inspectors who work full time for Ofsted.
  16. zinzan

    zinzan New commenter

    One of those philosophical debates. All full time Ofsted inspectors are HMIs, but not all HMIs are Ofsted inspectors. It's a title for Her Majesties Inspector and they do other things eg HMIP is HM Inspectorate of Prisons. HMIs have been around for yonks - Ofsted a much shorter period
    Part time inspectors are not HMIs
  17. All true except to confuse things even further, there are 100 or so full time inspectors who work for the 3 contractors, not Ofsted. Also, there are a small number of HMI who are in the employ of Ofsted who actually do work part-time or in job share situations
  18. zinzan

    zinzan New commenter

    Yup It has too many inspectors- whence the number of surveys etc. Some have gone for job share 6 months on and 6 off (nice if you can get it) Tribal, Serco and *** do employ some full time staff who do inspections. This is mainly to quality assure the inspectors attached to the region. Not sure if its 100 though
  19. zinzan

    zinzan New commenter

    Those stars say c f b t - strange censoring huh?
  20. YesMrBronson

    YesMrBronson New commenter

    I find this comment confusing. Are you sticking to your original statements that standards in schools are poor, or are you saying standards in schools have risen over the past 15-20 years, not because of the investment made by the Labour government but simply because we have had Ofsted?
    Do you even know what you mean?

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