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Discussion in 'Primary' started by ejayc, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. Nine days to go...OfSTED Tues and Wed. Got call on Friday. Yuk! Productions...end of termitis and loads of building work. Great.
  2. Oh give them a break ejayc. They've got to pay for there 6 week holidays in the Maldives!
  3. We had them last week of term in July last year. It was a total downer but at least it will be all over and you know they wont be descending on you in September. Lots of luck!
  4. Wotworklifebalance

    Wotworklifebalance New commenter

    Poor, poor you. As a fantastic poster reminded me recently the only people who care are OFSTED and the posters on mumsnet. Grin and bear it.
  5. Just do what you planned to do and they will have to sit through your performances.
  6. CarrieV

    CarrieV Lead commenter

    The Inspector we had this week watched Bikewise Training!
  7. reddevil

    reddevil New commenter

    I think it depends on the team you get and what their focus is. They openly said they would observe but that it wouldn't tell them much, think it was more for our benefit so we could get some feedback. They were purely data driven and they spent a whole morning out of 2 days going through books and looking at marking.

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