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Ofsted twice

Discussion in 'Ofsted inspections' started by FriedEggs, Feb 13, 2017.

  1. FriedEggs

    FriedEggs New commenter

    I am SLT in two federated schools (infant+junior). Both are good, both had one-day inspections within three weeks of each other. Previous inspections were two years apart, so I assume this wasn't a coincidence.

    I will be discrete, bearing in mind that some aspects would be confidential. I only want to make points that would be helpful to other schools in a similar situation, not to discuss the details of my own experience.

    Two different inspectors. Both were well-trained and professional. They spent a lot of time with the head in both cases.
    End of key stage data was important in finding lines of enquiry, but I wouldn't say it determined the outcomes of the inspections.
    In school data was very important. Make sure your data tells the story you want the inspector to hear. We have a very 'transparent' and uncomplicated assessment system. We can also compare children against start of key stage attainment - though make sure this doesn't become an expectation (which could limit progress).
    Both inspectors were very interested in visiting lessons and seeing books.
    The inspectors definitely came in with the presumption that both schools were already good; the key questions were: had the issues from previous ofsted been addressed, were the schools maintaining standards.
    Both inspections were one day, we didn't know until mid afternoon that there wouldn't be a second.
    Governors were interviewed in both cases. Feedback was given to SLT & Governors at tend of the day.
    Both inspectors did a good job of triangulation - ie if the story from the head matched the data, matched the work in the books, matched what they saw in class and on the walls. Both inspectors talked to children and parents.
    Definitely very different from the old 2-day inspections.
    Safeguarding is always a key issue. Make sure all members of staff are up to date with procedures and training.
  2. mrcooldude

    mrcooldude Occasional commenter

    Thanks for this.

    Did the inspectors look at books from across the curriculum? I know of inspections where the inspector just looked at Maths and English! What did you do to show you're pushing higher attainers? Also, what things did you mention to show you're using PP money well? Sorry for all questions but curious!

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