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OFSTED top tips

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by obsteve, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. It will pass. Carry on doing your job :)
  2. In my honest opinion ofsted have never really bothered with drama here. Our results have always been good and I guess that they haven't felt the need to see us - they've always looked at core and perhaps one or two other areas, our specialism. The only time I've seen them was when the deputy asked me to speak to them about assessment but they've never seen a lesson.
    As obsteve says, try not to worry. Teach your lessons as best you can, make sure your planner is up to date, know the targets for your classes and know what results were last year. As it's your first year there's really not much they can ask you as you've only been in a term! :)
  3. I may be in the minority judging from other people's stories, but I've always found Ofsted in drama quite a useful experience. I know it depends on the Inspector you get, but mine have always given really helpful (and nice!) feedback and I've had some outstanding judgements, and I don't think I'm anything special. Hopefully your whole staff has had some info regarding differentiation - always ask specific kids questions rather than a question to the class in general, try to ensure that all abilities are catered for (differentiated tasks/simplified questions/areas for evaluation; extension tasks for able kids etc) and keep it pacey - your energy will do a lot of the work, and hopefully you won't be observed with a bottom set Year 9 who want to be somewhere (anywhere) else. Students should know their levels and what they need to do to advance, and you should show evidence in your planner of assessments/prior attainment etc. I normally give them the lesson plan, scheme it's come from and my whole teaching file so they can see all the relevant info, if they wish to. Make it clear you're an NQT & HOD - ie in at the deep end! And teach a lesson you know works, if at all possible - this isn't the time to be particularly ambitious and experimental!
    Good luck!

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