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Ofsted subject specific inspection RE

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by natsmoore, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. Hi!
    I was a new HOD at the beginning of this year with the nightmare task of writing new schemes of work. There were schemes of work in place, but they were taught thematically and I prefer a phenomenological approach. I have uploaded lesson plans and resources to the shared area so have a nosey. There are some gaps, but I'll be looking to sort those out over the next couple of weeks.
    We only teach KS3 material to years 7 and 8, and then our students start their shortcourse in year 9. So I can't help you with anything beyond year 8. Also, we have them for one hour a week. My SOW may fall short if you teach them more frequently.
    Currently we teach:
    Year 7
    What is Religion
    Life of Jesus
    Ultimate Questions

    Year 8
    Prejudice and Discrimination

    I have worked really hard on pulling resources together this year. As a one man band I too have no one to delegate to. There is absolutely no way I could have included all those extra things the ofsted inspector said you should have in your SOW. However, next year I fully intend to review the SOW and try to add those sort of details to it. This will be highlighted in my Departmental Development Plan. Hopefully if I were to have my subject ofsted'ed I would hope that they would take such things into consideration!
    Please get in touch if you want any further information
  2. Hi folks
    I have never had the pleasure of an ofsted subject inspection- but it feels like im tempting fate even writing this! and would still be nervous if they came- as i think its natural. as Natsmore says- as long as whatever issues you have got, you are aware of and are highlighted in your development plan, and your self assessment is accurate then you will be fine- people often think schemes are the most important thing, they are vital dont get me wrong, but its important that you have that bigger picture first- use your data analysis to drive your planning. It was alien to me at first but its a lesson i have learnt (The hard way I may add) although! having said that I need to review some of my schemes
    Im the same as natsmore- i do Y7 and 8, Y9 do short course- is it worth thinking about this? as the exam boards- edexcel do detailed suggested schemes which are a good starting point. sometimes it would be so easy to be a teacher of a subject where you can get ALL of your lessons, schemes already bought (only joking!- i love the debates RE brings)
    If you want anything just let me know
    Also- remember you often need time out- a break for the weekend before you try and create schemes- you have had the week from hell you need to have a rest too! Although its really hard to see it sometimes, these horrid experiences often help us in the long term. :)
  3. Helena Handbasket

    Helena Handbasket New commenter

    Hi there,
    I totally feel your pain. I am an NQT and only subject specialist with 3 non-specialists delivering one lesson a week each. In October we had the OFSTED call to say they were coming to look at RE. Cue major panic by me - 8 weeks into my teaching career and being OFSTEDed alone :-(.
    It went okay although I was observed 4 times in 2 days, and once the day before by the head who wanted to check my lesson was okay before he came in.

    I had also been put in charge with writing the SoW for KS3 for the year as they had previously not had any specialist for the subject for several years before I was taken on.

    If you want to PM me I can send you the SoW I was using at the time and how it linked to the LAS.
  4. http://re-handbook.org.uk/ I don't know if this would be helpful.
  5. WillowFae

    WillowFae New commenter

    Natsmoore - does your LAS say all 6 religions in KS3? That is what my predecessor did (independent school so not bound by LAS) but the pupils got so confused. I'm re-writing it and basing it on our LAS which recommends Christianity plus 2 others in KS3.
  6. delahay

    delahay New commenter

    Hi there PM me with your email and I'll send you all my KS3 ones.
  7. Could I be cheeky too? Am mega lacking in inspiration at the moment and new ideas might help me- am willing to swap stuff?
  8. no, but i'm on the outskirts of a large city and there are lots of different religions represented by our pupils and their families so I think it's important to create a better awareness.
  9. delahay

    delahay New commenter

    Yes sure. PM me. I don't know how useful you'll find them but sometimes it's just interesting seeing what others are doing.
  10. thanks- ive pm'ed you, if there is anything you want or need let me know and i'll see if i have anything! Your a superstar
    rockgrrl x
  11. Thank you so much for your support I really appreciate it. I thought I had it bad but at least I've got 5 years teaching experience behind me!
    I've asked our County adviser to come in and have a look at what we're delivering 'cos I'm not sure it's as bad as he made out. The problem was that the kids couldn't answer subject specific questions which I think was unfair - we all have blank spots in our knowledeg base, add to that their vulnerability of age and talking to a stranger it's not surprising but he used this as evidence we weren't teaching enough religion.
  12. Could I ask what you actually teach under the label of 'Christianity' or 'Hinduism'??? I too am a new HoD, my school is expecting a general Ofsted before March next year and we need to put some SoW in place. There's currently 2 spaces on our Yr9 curriculum, we've idenitfied we need something Christian based but am not sure on what approach to take.
  13. Beliefs and practices.Focussed mainly on the things the AS stipulates they should know....ideas about God, influence of their holy book, history, festivals, etc
  14. We had a meeting with an(the?) HMI RE specialist today, he mentioned;
    Pupils need to be aware of what skills and content they need to achieve.
    That task completition does not equal success
    Spirituality is very important and many pupils are not getting opportunities for this as we spend so long on reflection(usually of skills)
    Levels are not well written in RE and may be about to become defunct?!
    Good RE is not neccaserily thematic or otherwise its about thinking
    There was more but thats for starters.
    He also indicated that there could be a move towards two Humanities in the EBACC but that is another issue...
  15. delahay

    delahay New commenter

    Hi Creaney,
    Can you send your email.

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