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Ofsted Subject Focus PE!!! Help!!!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by monkey1, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. We had the phone call - we are having an ofsted inspection next week looking at the profile of PE within our school and assessment - As the PE coordinator I am not panicing but feeling a bit overhwlemed. I am not sure where to start - I have bought every thing homefrom my folder including pe plans and assessments and was going to tidy up... am thinking of writing an overview about PE within the school.
    Has anyone gone through a PE subject ofsted? If so any helpful hints would be very much appreciated!
    Thank god i have a four day weekend!!
  2. Sorry i cant help but didnt want you ignored and felt for you. What an horrendous visit, how long are they in for? Others should be able to offer advice re subject inspections. What are rest of staff doing re this oever weekend?
  3. marlin

    marlin Star commenter

    If you Google Ofsted PE inspection you'll find lots of documents that might give you an idea of what they will be looking at. Some go back to 2009, but if you go onto page 2 of the search you'll find newer things there.
    Have they given you an area for their focus within the subject itself?
    Good luck - please try not to worry yourself into the ground over the weekend.
  4. Thank you kindly for the replies.
    We had a letter and a phone call and they are looking at achievement, subject profile, effectiveness of management and leadership and assessment... but later on in the letter says they want planning, assessment, report evidence - so really any paperwork possible.
    I have begun to sort through my folder and have a living room full of piles! Doesn't help that I haven't got all plans in from staff.... my fault really for not collecting them in - although I know my staff do deliver HQ pe lessons - just wanting to make sure that the inspector sees us for how we really are - I feel that this subject is a strength in our school - just need to have the evidence in a well presented way I think. Might have a separate folder from my point of view as the subject leader under the headings
    * Achievement in PE (What the childrne achieve)
    * Quality if teaching (linked to training courses and resource provision and subject leader links)
    * Quality of curriculum - PE timetables, playtimes, afterschool, club links, cross curricular links etc
    * Leadership and management (action plans, meetings, training, observations etc)
    * Raising the Profile of PE in the school (over the past 3 years)
    What do you think?
  5. Think they might want a profile of PE and they expect the head to know eg. the standard of PE in my school is good etc - have you any monitoring evidence with gradings? Is there a weak link (year group) - what support is in place? Obviously they will want to observe PE - have you set up some sort of timetable for observations while they are in? Our head chose who the inspector would visit when we had a maths one. We had a monitoring file which clearly showed areas for development etc, and we had evidence of support. Can you say whether the teaching and learning is outstanding, good or satisfactory? How do you know? Balance of different areas. How active are the lessons? How do you assess? These are some of the areas that were covered. I am sure you are doing everything you should, but lets face it we all have slight panic when we get that call. Good luck and don't worry. Your interview will be fine!

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