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Ofsted pilot guidance Summer 2012 and Evaluation Framework -Summer 2012 for Primary Schools

Discussion in 'Ofsted inspections' started by TomWolfsman, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. Was just wondering if anyone has these two documents that they could email
  2. Just sent them!
  3. I think you'll find them all here
  4. I would be really grateful if you could send me the two documents Conducting inspections- guidance for the pilot inspections and The evaluation schedule for use in pilot inspections in Summer 2011 only. You must be fed up of being asked, but I have just spent an hour, unsuccessfully, trying to track them down via OFSTED.
  5. Could youvsend me a copy?

  6. Sorry to be a pain but could you also send them to ed2216@gmail.com? Thanks very much, in anticipation!
  7. please please please could you send a copy on to me as well......we are expecting an inspection any day now so any info would be welcome! thanks in advance

  8. Just do a google search for it. It's all over the place. Here's just one place :
  9. Hi there!!!
    I have been trawling through for hours too! And in contact with Ofsted to no avail.
    If you managed to get copies is there any chance at all that you could share the joy?!

  10. Does anybody actually look at thread posts?
    I posted a link to the documents!
  11. Ha, ha - I think you are right!

    [Takes some long, slow breaths...]
    This is a forum, so if you are new to them, this is how to use them.
    1. Pour large glass of wine/whisky/meths depending on what sort of day you've had
    2. Look at the threads (topics) within a forum
    3. Read all the posts in the thread you're thinking about contributing to
    4. Consider your response carefully, taking on board the things already contributed to the thread
    5. Do not ask questions or make requests if they have already been answered [spoken through clenched teeth/buttocks]

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