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Ofsted Panic

Discussion in 'Primary' started by impulce, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. We're a school in very bizarre circumstances as some of you may know and we are due Ofsted imminently. We're surprised they haven't been in sooner considering our situation.
    That said, all of the staff are working tirelessly to bring the school back on track under leadership of a temporary experienced headteacher - but we are pretty sure we are not going to reach a Satisfactory.
    Im recently appointed to SLT and have never been through an Ofsted (4th year of teaching) and am working myself up into a state about the whole debacle. Normally I work very very hard but am able to tell myself "It's only a job - stop!" but at the moment I cannot phyiscally stop thinking about work. It's affecting me at weekends as I constantly have a knot of fear about everything I still need to do, or what they might ask me. Im feeling bitter if I have social commitments because it means on top of the work I need to do I wont get any me time at all. Last night I had a bath and just cried.
    I hate that its bought me to this - I am beginning to resent a job that I normally love. I know there are many others that feel the same when Ofsted are looming, but I need a slap.
    I love my job, and I want to do my absolute best for the children and I KNOW Ofsted is a farce. However, the thought of being in special measures and having inspectors crawling all over us fills me with dread.
    Im not sure what I'm looking for here - either someone to tell me Ofsted is not that horrific after all, explain to me what it would be like if we were in special measures, or tell me that it is just a job and give me a virtual slap.

  2. littlerussell

    littlerussell New commenter

    Special measures is where the school is underperforming and the leadership doesn't show the ability, based on past experience, to improve.

    With an experienced temporary HT, I would venture that, if you are to go into a category, it would be more likely to be a notice to improve. This is nowhere near as stressful as special measures. It is likely that there has been a rapid pace of change from the new HT and from the LA, and this would continue. You would have a monitoring visit after 6-8 months and then a full inspection 12-18 months. The pressure will be on results, to have a good set of stats to show next time round.
  3. Virtual slap followed by a virtual hug! It's a horrendous position to be in and I wish you the very best of luck.
    It IS only a job but the fear factor DOES take over. We are due an ofsted soon and I feel exactly the same. Try to be as prepared as you can and ensure you have a cut off point each evening and weekend which you stick to.

    Chin up!
  4. T34

    T34 Lead commenter

    If you have identified thefaults on the school correctly, and are taking steps to eradicate or at least alleviate those faults, then what have you got to worry about?
    What OFSTED doesn't like is schools which think they are OK when they aren't.

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