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Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by tech381, Jan 14, 2012.

  3. modelmaker

    modelmaker Occasional commenter

    Open a bottle of wine and chill out this evening. There's nothing you'll be able to change by Monday, and if you try to you'll be too knackered to deal with any questions you get asked.
    Make the most of your Sunday, spend it doing something with your family, if you have one, or friends if you don't, have an early night and go to work on Monday with a positive attitude.
    You'll know from your days as a student that burning the midnight oil is more stressful than it's worth.
  4. When they came to see us last summer they only popped into half the department. Make sure lesson plans are good- mention sen pupils names and be able to point them out (know a few that wouldn't). Relax and be confidant in what you are doing. Also they saw mainly new teachers - left all middle management out! Not sure if the new ofsted criteria have come into place yet - so may all be different. Good luck
  5. TC7


    We had one last year, our hint was active learning......... he did ask me who were the higher level students were, and he went over and spoke to them. He also asked some students how they would know how to improve their work, he picked the quietest girl in the room for that one and I had only had the group for 4 weeks. Make sure you have SEN on your lesson plans and how the LSA will be used for the activity, also learning outcomes etc..........Luckily I had a good outcome and he was very positive in attitude, I did explain how the dept ran and I found put after he had spoken to our technicians about how things ran. They came to see all middle management. Each team seem to have a different agenda and look at different things. Our team was very hot on safeguarding, we gota 1 excellent and had loads of goods but our exam results hold us back.
  6. finamar

    finamar New commenter

  7. Hope it went well. We had Ofsted last week. We were the first school for the team of inspectors to visit uisng the new Ofsted criteria. I found it a very positive experience. Inspectors were really nice. They watched loads of lessons - seemed to visit faculties and see several teachers in an hour - one or two for 15-20mins and one or two for 5-10 mins. They came to D and T twice once for KS3 and once for KS4. They came into me for 20mins to my GCSE textiles class. Halfway through a double lesson. They missed all the teaching - the students were 'Building their own Learning Power' by the time they came in. Not one student asked me what to do while they were there. Some finished sections of their making and did the whole delighted with their own progress thing. I chatted to him about textiles and how popular it is in the school. I would reassure anyone facing Ofsted to be as normal as they can, don't get stressed by it, just make sure your lesson plans are thoroughly filled in.


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