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ofsted maths lesson year 4

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by newyork90210, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. newyork90210

    newyork90210 New commenter

    just wondering if anyone out there has any ideas for a good lesson to teach year 4 mixed ability set for ofsted observation? Any tips/advice most welcome.
    cheers x
  2. What topic?! What ideas do you have already?
  3. Karvol

    Karvol Occasional commenter

    Without wishing to sound too negative, shouldn't each of your normal everyday lessons be like this? If they are not, shouldn't you be asking your HoD what you can do to make them good or outstanding?
    If you are a NQT or a teacher with only a few years of experience, then your first port of call should be your HoD and other more experienced members of the department. Failing that, present us with some ideas and somebody experienced with Ofsted observations should trundle along soon enough to give you some advice.
    Just be careful that the person offering the advice has actually passed an Ofsted inspection.
  4. Ditto the above
    The only things that should change are between a normal and observed lesson IMO are:
    <ol>[*]All your data is available for the inspection team[*]You have a lesson plan on the school proforma[*]You MAY (may I state may) be slightly more explicit when explaining to allow the inspection team some idea of what is going on if they have just appeared</ol>Asking what and how to teach is not going to be a reflection on your ability and may even be alien to your kids. Trust me I have watched people try and stage lessons and even heard a kid say "Mr X, why are you pretending you can actually teach?" in an internal observations. Its even more woeful when these lesson get unsatisfactory gradings.
    If you are good enough to get a 'good' or 'outstanding' your teaching and learning will be judged accordingly, if you get a bad report and its to do with data/missing something they wanted then that shouldnt be a massive issue and will be reminder for future observations.
    If you feel your teaching is not up to scratch then year round CPD and training with your school should be a focus and they will support you.
    IMO when people ask what/how they can teach just for an observation it says one of two things (i) They are not entirely comfortable with teaching (ii) they dont deliver good (or better) lessons day in day out.
    Teach from the Scheme of Work the lesson you were going to do, deliver it the way you would and if your 'data etc' is in order your teaching should be judged correctly. Delivering a wooden lesson you have not done before and cannot replicate with ease in the future is unfair on all parties IMO.....but again thats my opinion.
    There are exceptions to these judgements as every now and then you get a strange view of your teaching but thats life

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