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Ofsted length of graded observations

Discussion in 'Ofsted inspections' started by cavvie, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. Does anyone know whether a lesson observation of 20 minutes or less can actually be given a grade by Ofsted?I have searched through loads of material and it seems to suggest that lesson observations should be 25 mins or more. I am aware of the crazy 20 minute progress idea and recently we had a visiting borough inspector who graded 8 teachers in 20 minute slots and half were graded as requires improvement mainly due to lack of progress.

    i am not sure if she had the right to do this on such a short observation time. Can anyone enlighten me please? Many thanks

    Charlotte Vaughan
  2. Of course.We have just been inspected and lessons watched were on average between 20-30 minutes long. And whether you like it or not, you have to demonstrate how pupils make progress. Fact.
  3. Lol scared
  4. Absolute RUBBISH. The 20 minute progress is a myth propagated by sacred SLTs and ignorant LEA advisors. Check the wording from Ofsted themselves. It's progress over time.NOT in 20/25/30 minutes
  5. chriszwinter1

    chriszwinter1 New commenter

    And a good way to check that our is to ask the sacred SLTs and ignorant LEA advisors to provide the exact reference from Ofstasi on which they base their 20 minute idea.
  6. bobbycatrules

    bobbycatrules New commenter

    OFSTED inspected my school in December 2012. They inspected my primary class twice. On each occasion they did stay for only 20 mins, and I was given lesson grades based on this. It is possible to show progress within this time- I got an Outstanding grade on the second observation.
  7. Whilst it is POSSIBLE it isn't NECESSARY. That is where people have got confused.

    Congratulations on your Outstanding.
  8. I agree with you Egyptian Girl and whilst it is possible to show progress in 1 minute or 5 minutes or 20 minutes or half an hour, an hour , a day or whatever the idea that teachers are pushed to show progress in 20 minutes is crackers . Lessons are all different and progress happens over time. this is just another latest fad which will be superseded by some other craze. Makes me feel like a glove puppet without a mind of my own...dancing to the tune , creating a lesson that is a contrived formula to please ofsted, is that really teaching?
  9. EmmaJ18

    EmmaJ18 New commenter

    Hi - We had some ofsted inspectors in for a day - not as an official ofsted but to give us pointers. We were all desperate to know what they graded our lessons after observations but they actually said that Ofsted should not and do not grade 20 minute observations (Which was contradictory to our previous real ofsted visit!) They said that the vocabuary of being a 'good' lesson for example gets banded around and in actual fact, without seeing the whole lesson cannot grade it as such. Whether that is helpful or not I don't know, every Ofsted team seems to be different!
  10. Oh dear. I think your 'ofsted inspectors' have given you misleading pointers. When you have your real inspection you may very well find inspectors visiting lessons for 20 minutes. They are very likely to grade teaching, achievement and behaviour in these observations. Bear in mind though that the overall school grade for teaching shouldn't just be an aggregate of the lessons they happen to see. It should also reflect teaching over time. To get evidence on this, inspectors are likely also to factor in the school's progress data and evidence from work scrutiny.

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