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Ofsted joint observations.

Discussion in 'Primary' started by james., Jun 28, 2012.

  1. james.

    james. New commenter

    If anyone can answer this query, or point me in a direction to find an answer it would be very much appreciated.

    If an Ofsted inspector does a joint observation with a headteacher, do they have to check and inform the teacher before hand?

    We had Ofsted a while a go, and we had unannounced observations. After this I was informed by another teacher that this isn't allowed without prior warning. We have just had Ofsted again, and this time I had a joint observation without warning. Is this allowed? I would certainly like to question why we weren't informed if we should have been, but don't want to shout my frustrations if it is allowed.

    Does anyone have any opinions on this? I have no objections in principle, two minds are better than one, just the way it was handled in our school.
  2. Think I'd prefer a joint obs, then if the lesson goes a bit **** up, your head could vouch for you, or explain about the crazy child in the corner. I don't think they have to pre warn.
  3. james.

    james. New commenter

    Assuming you have a supportive headteacher...
  4. Pretty sure that it is also a bit of a moderation exercise for the Head as s/he will be looking at the level with the inspector and coming to the agreement of whatgrading it is. Your head should have a general grading for every teacher in the school from the termly observations that happen at your school. I assume, although don't know, that when the inspectors arrive they give info on each teacher and what they are graded at and the inspectors go with them to say show me an x graded teacher and can then see if they are right or not.
  5. We have made a formal complaint about the way in which our whole inspection was conducted. This has involved reading lots of supporting documents. Download the Conduction School Inspections guidance (90% sure this is the right name) from the OFSTED website. This says that it should be agreed with the teacher, This was not the case in our inspection though.
  6. We were inspected last summer and we were not told which classes would be observed when - although the head did try to let us know he didn't always know in advance himself. They were frequently joint with one of the inspectors and the head - as a previous poster said this is usually for moderation perposes to ensure that the head and inspectors are in agreement.
    It didn't even occur to me to complain about drop in obs or joint obs. After all you have a degree of warning about the inspectors being in and lets face it every lesson should be the best you can do and surely most of us ( although i know from experience this can't always be the case) are more than happy to have the head in the class at any time.
  7. We were Ofsted'd a few weeks ago. I had a joint observation and didn't know about it until they walked in. I always just presumed that they observe whoever they like whenever they like!
    As someone else said, I actually preferred my head being there - they were chatting which took the emphasis off me being watched too intently, and I could hear my head picking out good points which boosted my confidence.

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