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Ofsted inspection Thu 16th May

Discussion in 'Ofsted inspections' started by zippygeorgeandben, May 19, 2018.

  1. zippygeorgeandben

    zippygeorgeandben Occasional commenter

    Hi everyone,
    This sub section of the forum does seem awfully quiet at the moment so I thought I would create a post regarding an inspection we had last week in case it is any use to anyone who is due an inspection or has recently had one.
    To give you some contextual information;
    It is a 2 form entry primary school
    It was one of the new short section 8 one day inspections.
    There was one HMI.
    The KLE's were Leadership/Management, Reading and Phonics.
    Obviously, I won't be going into details until the report is finalised and published, but suffice to say that the experience was fine.
  2. mrcooldude

    mrcooldude Occasional commenter

    So your school either got:

    GOOD...but we're coming back in 2 years as there's noticeable weaknesses in the school.

    Hopefuly it was the first one!
    zippygeorgeandben likes this.
  3. Professor Dumbledore

    Professor Dumbledore New commenter

    We were inspected at the end of April - 2 form entry like yours, @zippygeorgeandben with exactly the same KLEs. We found it a pretty reasonable experience. We kept our Good grading.
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  4. bevdex

    bevdex Star commenter

    I suspect that, given the recent media focus on schools which have not had an inspection for many years, that OFSTED may find itself rather busy.
  5. zippygeorgeandben

    zippygeorgeandben Occasional commenter

    The report goes live on the Ofsted website (and indeed then on ours) in 5 days. I can give more information about the whole day then.
  6. KatyCustard78

    KatyCustard78 New commenter

    We had a 2 day Section 5 last week.
    Brutal, but actually a very necessary wakeup call for the school. I've been there since Sept and am sincerely hoping that this along with a new and clued up deputy will be a catalyst for positive change.
    Boy, it was not fun.
  7. mrcooldude

    mrcooldude Occasional commenter

    Did the inspectors pay particular attention to the quality of other subjects other than just England and Maths? Quite refreshing but it does mean you have to ensure high quality teaching assessment across the entire curriculum. I'm assuming your school is now about to embark on a journey of improvement?

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