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Ofsted inspection of TA taught groups

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by HellenBridget, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. Do Ofsted judge TAs on the same basis as trained and qualified teachers?
  2. Have been thinking about that myself.
    Hopefully not, but I think the answer is yes
  3. Ophelia 9

    Ophelia 9 New commenter

    I think if you a delivering a teacher-planned lesson to a group withdrawn from class your work will impact on the teacher's ofsted assessment (you are simply a resource used by the teacher, your own skills are not considered at all and it will be assumed the teacher has planned and will assess whatever you are doing!) but if you delivering a lesson to a whole-class (for PPA or other accepted situation) you will be judged by the same standards as a teacher.
  4. what if you have planned the lesson for a group of children?
  5. Ophelia 9

    Ophelia 9 New commenter

    I still think it's assumed teacher did it - really if it's a withdrawal group then the teacher is supposed to have planned for the TA - we all know how often that happens but it's the theory - and even if it's an intervention for SEN kids it is still ultimately the responsibility of a teacher not a TA.
  6. R13

    R13 Occasional commenter

    I think the best way to consider OFSTEDs role is that they are not judging the teacher or indeed what the teacher is doing but instead what teaching the children are getting. I know that sounds pedantic but look at it this way
    teacher 1 has a class of 20 well behaved pupils who are realtively keen to learn
    teacher 2 has a class of 40 difficult to engage pupils with one in particular who despite some wonderful plans and actions from the teacher still disrupts the lesson for the others on a regular basis.
    OFSTED will simply look at what quality of education the kids receive in order to best inform the parents.
    they may be equally good teachers, working equally well but lesson 1 might get an Outstanding from OSTED because those kids are getting an outstanding lesson whilst lesson two probably won't get that even if that teacher is as near perfection as it gets
    Obviously that's not fair if you are thinking of it as a teacher BUT if OFSTED is viewed as an agency informing customers (Parents) - you would as a parent want to send your child to teacher 1, so their job has been done.
  7. Thanks everyone.
    The lesson is a small withdrawal group.
    Teacher planning and SOW is woeful - on the hoof!
    Who is judged? Teacher or TA?
  8. The judgement will ultimately be of the teacher- because the responsibility for the teaching and learning of the group of children is the teacher's. If a TA is particularly good it would probably be commented on but if particularly poor the teacher would be judged very badly. It really isn't about individual 'performances'- it is about whether the provision being made for the pupils is appropriate, effective and based on sound assessment of the pupils. the TA would also be expected to know WHY the group are learning whatever they are learning in the session and tohow that they are providing feedback to the teacher in the form of assessment for learning.
  9. As others have said, the TA's performance is reflective of the deployment by the teacher. But they will observe all groups.
    I don't think they will look kindly on groups regularly withdrawn by TAs without teacher input. These 'mini classes' led by TAs should still be the responsibility of the teacher and, if this is not the case, they be looking to see whether these children are getting a similar level of input to the main class.
  10. Just gone through Ofsted 'experience'. I led groups, planned by me all through the week. They walked past many a time, asked what group it was, but did not observe at all. Asked me more questions when I was supporting in class, and this was the same for all other TAs in the school. They wanted to make sure that we knew what our role was, knew what we were meant to be doing. Looking at whether we were doing what plans stated.
  11. Belle60_3

    Belle60_3 New commenter

    I have been through and survived 3 OFSTED inspections to date. This is how it worked for us - If you are supporting a class then it will be the teacher who is observed (TA will be observed too, but only to judge how well the teacher has deployed them) and it will be the teacher who receives the feedback and scored outstanding, good, satisfactory etc. But if a TA is delivering a lesson to a withdrawn group, then they will be looking at both the lesson plan and the quality of teaching by the TA, regardless of who put together the SOW, teacher or TA. If the teacher put together the SOW then they will both receive feedback, The TA for their delivery, behaviour management etc and the teacher for her lesson plans and SOW. Our TAs were observed as a whole dept last time (we got outstanding BTW.! ...not smug or anything..ok just a bit :) ) They asked us all lots of questions and visited our various clubs we run at lunch times, looked in our files we keep for small group extra curriculum classes which we both plan and deliver, but which do come under the responsibility of a teacher, albeit one who has delegated the task of creating a SOW to a TA. They also inspected our 1:1 session files, which again are controlled and SOW created by TAs but technically come under the responsibility of a teacher who has delegated - it is assumed that the teacher has checked and approved the plans and SOW. A couple of our HLTAs were observed teaching whole classes too and got feedback and a score, along with the head of the dept in which they were working at the time. Hope that answers some of your questions.
  12. chocolateworshipper

    chocolateworshipper Occasional commenter

    Oh goody !

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