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Ofsted Inspection 2012

Discussion in 'Ofsted inspections' started by sarah83daniel, May 3, 2011.

  1. Hi, my school is due to be ofsted inspected in the coming few weeks as part of the pilot for new inspections. Does anybody have any experience/advice etc? We are not sure what the focus will be, how many inspectors, how many observations etc. Just wondering whether anyone has any info/insight!
  2. This sounds exciting. The training for inspectors doing the few pilots this term was only today, so I wasn't even aware any had been announced. You must be among the first.
    As far as we know, the number of inspectors will be the same as before with a focus on 4 areas : Teaching, behaviour, leadership and management and achievement. There is no published framework yet since the proposals are still up for consultation. There is a big focus on first hand evidence from lesson observations, so you can expect a good number of them.
    Primary inspections will have reading as a focus in both key stages, secondary literacy. No separate judgement on curriculum, since it is now within L&M. No judgement on CGS. Safety from bullying is part of the behaviour judgement, no judgement on healthy or EWB or 'enjoy', so bye bye to ECM. Achievement judgement includes progress and progress of SEN as well as attainment. The L&M judgement still includes equal opps, safeguarding, working with outside agencies, working with parents, governance so is actually bigger than it is under the present framework because it includes SMSC and curriculum now. The only thing that has gone from it is community cohesion (woohoo!)
  3. care , guidance and support.
  4. Hi,
    My school is also part of the pilot. My head went to a meeting on Friday and emailed us yesterday with a list of changes, basically as outlined above. Big focus on reading, lots more observations, inspectors checking with children to see if these lessons are like they usually get (!), role of coordinators, etc. We are expecting to be inspected anytime so am going to print off the list and make some detailed notes on my role as literacy coordinator & how I am fulfilling all these things - or not!!
    I can let you have the notes of you like!

  5. * should be 'if you like'!
    And this refers to my heads notes - not my own scribble! [​IMG]
  6. Can you send the notes you have regarding the impending Ofsted visit....think we are getting one soon as well!

  7. Jojojo90, Your heads notes would be fantastic. I have some from our head but all info is good info! Odd but my role is also literacy co-ordinator! I have met with my sub-group and think we are ready! Have you had any word yet? We are still eagerly waiting! My email is sarah1daniel@yahoo.co.uk. Thanks a lot! If I can help at all, just let me know!
  8. Yes my school are also part of the pilot. The pilot inspections are all going to take place next week or the 2 weeks after half term. the focus is reading, reading, reading!
  9. Aquasheriff

    Aquasheriff New commenter

    Jojo, I think a lot of people would be interested in your head's notes. Our school will be due an inspection soon and any advice, extra knowledge would be fabulous. Would you please also send a copy to vicki.church@live.co.uk. It would be very much appreciated as I'm sure many would agree.
  10. Has anyone had their pilot inspection yet? We are still waiting...things are appearing in classrooms that weren't there before and lots of data is being printed out!
    We haven't heard yet so are assuming we won't be done until at least Wednesday after half term.
    Also, is it definite that the pilot inspections are taking place in the first 2 weeks after half term? Has this been published anywhere? Someone at school said it could be anytime in June.
    It's a real rumour-mill!!

  11. Hi there

    could you let me have any notes you have re new inspection too - am mildly panicking!

  12. Sorry above message was to jojo, or anyone else who can help.
    i gather a new evaluation schedule is being used too?
  13. Hi,
    I'm happy to send this stuff to anyone. I also have 'Conducting pilot school inspections' - guidance for the pilot inspectors and 'The evaluation schedule for use in pilot inspections in Summer 2011 only'. These were emailed to us, they may be available on the internet, but can send them too if you like.
    If you can send me a message with your email, or just put it on here I will forward the bits to you - I don't know how to send stuff direct from this website (if that's possible?)!
  14. Hi John701,
    Have sent the ofsted stuff to you.
    We had the phone call and our inspection is Wednesday and Thursday of this week - will let you know how it goes! The lead inspector has asked for timetables, specifically highlighting when reading will be taking place, and they've said that they won't talk to specific coordinators unless there is an issue. More time for lesson observations then!

  15. Hi,
    I'd be really gratefull for a copy of what you have.

    Thanks, Les
  16. Moisy

    Moisy New commenter

    Hi jojo-hope your inspection went well. Could you please send me a copy of your Ofsted stuff too.
    Many thanks
  17. Hi
    I would really appreciate a copy of these documents, too.
    Many thanks in advance

    Joanne joanne.thompson@virgin.net
  18. hi jo jo

    sorry to be a pain but could i have a copy of both docs please?

    many thanks



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