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OFSTED help!

Discussion in 'Music' started by princess_moose, May 21, 2011.

  1. We have OFSTED next week, as I have never experienced one I am not exactly sure what I should be doing! Some of my colleagues are going into work at the weekend, but all I can think I need to do is do the plans for my lessons thoroughly and sort out my dept's SEF file.

    Also, I have a year 10 class, half of which are doing GCSE composition at the moment, the other half have pretty much finished their BTEC. I have them for a double on one of the days OFSTED are in but have no idea what to do with them. GCSE pupils really need to continue composing but not sure what to do with the other pupils. And as the GCSE is controlled assessment I don't know how to show progress during the 20mins they are in, if they do appear! Agh
  2. Don't panic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, what do you need? I have some general lesson plans for fun lessons if you want me to send them over or some vocal scores if you want to do some group singing. If you're basically free to plan whatever you want now more os the BTEC and GCSE is out of the way i'm sure we can come up with something that ticks all the boxes. What equipment have you got access to?
  3. Well the BTEC is out of the way, but the ones doing GCSE as well need to continue to compose for their unit 2 really.
    I have keyboards and guitars and percussion and that's pretty much it. Was thinking about a way of getting GCSE kids to work on unit 2, whilst getting the 'only BTEC' kids to do some sort of composition too...
  4. silverfern

    silverfern New commenter

    Could you do a quick individual reflection activity with the GCSE kids at the start of the lesson to help show evidence of progress and learning? Eg. 'What have I completed so far on my composition?, What would I like to have achieved by the end of today's lesson?'. And then at the end of the lesson, 'What did I manage to achieve in this session, did I achieve my goal, what would I like to work on next time?'.
    Some composition 'mini' tasks with the BTEC kids would be good. Be careful of just sending them off to compose something; could you tie in learning about a particular musical technique in the composition, eg. writing a melody to fit a chord progression, or composing polyrhythm, etc.
    Good luck!
  5. dropje

    dropje New commenter

    The advice I can give you is do what you normally do because that is what they are looking for. It is likely that you won't notice them much (if it's section 8) but they most likely will observe you and most likely not for the whole lesson. We have had loads of inspections, not just Ofsted, but the section 8 one, as a head of dep, I didn't get seen. Did't even notice they were in.
    REALLY, DO NOT PANIC. And I hope you haven't gone to work this week end...that's just a complete nonsence.
  6. Silverfern's idea for the GCSE bunch sounds like the type of thing you need. If the BTEC students are finished you have a lot of freedom to plan an 'OFSTED' class. Pick a topic they haven't done that you're comfortable with that involves a re-cap from other areas. You could, for example, introduce something like minimalism. Plan a short PowerPoint with Q&A referring to compositional aspects they know about, show them some examples of pieces, e.g Jesus Blood never failed me yet (obviously not all 70 odd minutes), discuss differences in structure/style, set a simple stimulus such as 'C6' or an image and send then off in groups. Add in a performance of their piece at the end to the rest of the class and group evaluation/discussion-job done :)
  7. YesMrBronson

    YesMrBronson New commenter

    Ah, if only that were true.
  8. Absolutely, let the 'tick box' exercise commence...
  9. I confess I did pop into work this morning to print some data off and such!

    I have my 3 key stage 3 lessons planned, I'm doing what I was planning to do anyway on film music but just have tried to spice up the lesson plan a little bit!
    My double year 8 English group is nearly planned, have meeting with head of dept tomorrow to sort out any details on my plan, I do need to copy resources for that.

    Which just leaves my year 10 music. Am definitely going to get GCSE pupils to carry on with unit 2 composition, lots of scope for peer assessment/mini plenary/showing progression there. Thanks for the suggestions about what the other 8 pupils should do. Definitely thinking along composition lines, maybe responding to a film scene or piece of imagery. Just need to make it sound like I know what I am doing in my lesson plan, which is hard when you have two different sets of pupils, although differentiation by task should be fairly easy which is what is being pushed at the moment at our place.
  10. Ok, am majorly panicking now. Have still not sorted what I am doing. Have spent 2 hours researching and thinking of things but nothing is going right. Jenny could you send over those fun lessons for me to look at if you get this in time, agh, just don't know what to do :(
  11. Is having the GCSEones doing their composition based on popular music and the BTEC producing a powerpoint/research into an area of popular music to bland if they walked in? Don't want to be slated for not all being practical. agh
  12. You know what,STUFF IT. I can't get this worked up over it, I will explain the different tasks /courses on the lesson plan and if they don't like it, well do one.
  13. Ms Moose, I'm soooo sorry, I didn't check the Music forum last night or i'd have sent them. Hope it's all going well :)
  14. YesMrBronson

    YesMrBronson New commenter

    Well done OP, glad it went well for you.
  15. This is excellent news, I hope you have your feet up and a cold glass of wine in your hand :)

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