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Ofsted framework-any ideas to help with prep for inspection?

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by b15b2y, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. b15b2y

    b15b2y New commenter

    Sorry to mention the O word...but as any one else in my position (SENCO) might appreciate...there are so few people in our position to run ideas by, so I am desperate to get insight from anyone on here.
    The new framework-has anyone been inspected and could share their experience?
    We have a brilliant team of support staff who are very engaged in the classroom, and we spend a lot of time ensuring there is dialogue between them and teaching staff. We also have a relatively large amount of support staff so have a high presence of support in classrooms. All pupils on the SEN register have a pupil profile on them, and every staff member has access to this.
    One area that has caught my eye is how individual EHCP targets are utilized by classroom teachers..this is something that caught my eye when I've read over some recent inspection accounts, and I must admit I'm not sure all staff know these...so that is one area to focus on.
    I'd be eternally grateful for any ideas or suggestions. We have a bit of spare time coming up in the next few weeks and would love to maximize it on any preP we can do.
  2. lh13

    lh13 New commenter

    I work in a medical needs PRU and we are expecting Ofsted in the Summer Term so we are preparing at the moment too! I'm not a SENCO but I've been to a few meetings re the new framework and common themes have been mentioned.
    Our local behaviour PRU was inspected a couple of weeks ago and they had 4 subject deep dives including English which is always done. There's a big focus on reading.
    They also always look at personal development as this is a category under the new framework. This is my area and I've had a mock deep dive with our SIP. She made a big thing of how we embed SMSC across the curriculum as well as how we build cultural capital. She suggested that we take the grade descriptors from the framework and map our whole curriculum against them.
    Hope that helps a bit!
  3. Hg65FCESX-nhvc3sXwz

    Hg65FCESX-nhvc3sXwz New commenter

    Most important of all, try not to let this make you ill with worry.

    I've known department heads who say that they can only relax once it's Wednesday afternoon because then they know OFSTED aren't coming that week.

    By Friday afternoon, the cycle of worrying starts all over again.

    It's no way to live and an inspection just isn't worth that type of ongoing fear and anxiety.

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