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Ofsted first week back after being off from ivf

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by lisaquin, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone,
    I had ivf in November but due to complications (OHSS) i was signed off till after Christmas. I got my BFP and am now nearly 10 weeks pregnant but i am only going back to work next week as i had 2 threatened miscarriages and i'm going back mornings only for a couple of weeks as im head of year and it's a VERY busy, stressful school teaching 8-6 each day.
    School have been very supportive, but we are due an Ofsted next week when i go back. Good timing! I have been through loads but my priorities have changed now i'm pregnant. I plan to just do what i can and stay calm/not get stressed. Does anyone know what my rights are about asking NOT to be observed on the grounds of causing me stress and the fact that i havn't planned anything as i've been off all this time?
    Hope you can help.
  2. Whatever happens L this message sends you one ton of love and hugs from the ladies on the pregnancy forum.
    And huge congratulations on your pregnancy.
    The best thing is just to ask your head and the inspectors. If they turn up in your room you might actually feel okay with it if you know the lesson is going okay. If you don't, ask them again to leave. They are human you know.
    The kind of situation you're in isn't about established rights. No-one has ever been in precisely the position you are in. It's about common humanity.
    lol weebecka
  3. Ah thanks so much!
    You're right. Hope they're human lol!
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RIZdjT1472Y
  5. [​IMG]
  6. oops - didn't intend to post twice[​IMG] xxx you'll be fine xxx
  7. [​IMG] Lol, great song choice, thanks, xx
  8. You poor thing. I really feel for you. An IVF pregnancy feels so precarious I know as I"m in one too. Brilliant that your school is being so supportive. I reckon you should think about whether you will be able to detach yourself from the OFSTED. I know when I got pregnant, school just didn't seem to matter as much. I was going through GCSEs at the time and coursework deadlines but I cared a lot less than I did about my pregnancy. If you can detach yourself and remember how insignificant an ofsted is on a life scale, then you can get through it. If you think for one minute it is going to stress you then you get yourself signed off straight away by your doctor. You've just had two threatened miscarriages and there should be no question of whether or not this is the right thing to do.

    Lots of luck to you and congratulations on your pregnancy. xx
  9. Thanks Sammi. Hoping i can detach myself and not get dragged into the throes of teaching. It's so hard when no one else at work truly understand your 'i don't give a f*** attitude' (which i get), but it's the attitude I have and need to have if i'm to look after myself.
    Lovely to have the support on here.
  10. You care about teaching the children. If there's a child in need you will love them.
    Don't you/won't you?

  11. Erm...I think the issue here is looking after herself at the moment after everything she's been through to get here. I'm pretty sure from her posts that she cares about teaching children as it would be difficult to get through every day as a teacher if she didn't. Unless I've misunderstood your post weebecka.
  12. I care to a point as long as it's not taking over my life and compromise my health, but i think teachers feel guilty if they are not giving 200% at all times and I just can't make that my priority right now. I've spent 18 years putting school first so it feels a little weird to not make it my priority but that's what i'm doing! xx
  13. Good for you. That's the way it should be anyway but now more than ever you 've got to really look after yourself having really struggled to get here. Your pregnancy and therefore your well being is so precious. x
  14. I understand your concerns, although my preg (15 +4) was nt IVF he took a long time and came after two mmc. I was also off for three weeks of my current early pregnancy with a threatened miscarriage and complications so I understand how daunting it is being back at school and that work is nt as important/such a priority in your life. I came back after my leave ft, not pt like you so it does sound like you school is being very supportive. As some one else said speak to your head and put in a request, also you may find he won't want you to teach when they are in (im not saying you are nt capable but you know what some ht are like when ofsted are in; they do go a little crazy!) Good luck with your preg and ofsted. x
  15. Hehe, like the naughty children they take out of the room lol. No, i know what you mean and thank you for your support ladies.
  16. Hehe, i get you honey. Thanks for replying. xx
  17. Blimey, you're doing better than I am then.
  18. I think I kind of understand weebecka
    Anyway, to the op, whose name slips my mind (baby brain)- pregnancy is very daunting, especially those first 12 weeks- so look after yourself. You have worked hard to get this pregnancy and this is now your natural priority.

    Do what you can for ofstead- but if you are too tired- don't sweat it. Teach as you would normally- if they come in, they come in... If your observation isn't outstanding, what is the worst that can happen?????? The school know you can teach, they know you are stressed and concerned (if they don't- tell them) so nothing bad will happen,.... Teach as you always would....
    The kids in your class will be fine, so sod the official bit- that doesn't benefit them much anyway!
    Your HT will understand and one tiny observation won't make a difference to the whole report anyway so no pressure. You won't give a dam in autumn when you have a tiny baby. If it gets too much, listen to your body and rest

    And massive congratulations- it must mean so much to be pregnant. x
  19. I think
    it is that when you become pregnant (and more so when you become a mum and for other people at other times too).....
    you start to cut the stuff that doesn't matter in your life.
    And there is a heck of a lot of stuff that doesn't matter in teaching.
    And so you wade on in with your scythe.

    But when all that cutting is done. And the dust settles.
    What you are left with is the most incredible vocation.

    The fulfillment it brings is not so different to being a parent.

    But this is your time for being a parent.
    To be the teacher you have the potential to be you must not neglect any aspect of your need to learn to parent.

    is that it?

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