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Ofsted coming soon

Discussion in 'Primary' started by lillipad, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    My school are due an ofsted some time in the near future and i'm feeling very worried about it, i don't want to let them down! Is there anything that I should 'have' or things you could recommend me preparing now which will help me when the call does come? Or even just any helpful tips that might make me feel a bit better and more confident? The thought of it makes me feel ill!
  2. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    My school are due an ofsted some time in the near future and i'm feeling very worried about it, i don't want to let them down! Is there anything that I should 'have' or things you could recommend me preparing now which will help me when the call does come? Or even just any helpful tips that might make me feel a bit better and more confident? The thought of it makes me feel ill!
  3. Valium?
  4. We have just had Ofsted.

    We were told to ensure that all children knew their targets, that the success criteria is shared and available for the children to refer to for when they self-assess.

    That we were to teach a creative curriculum which is child-led. That maths is also linked whether possible to the context of the topic with real-life problem solving opportunities.

    That all children were on target to make 3 sub-levels of progress (for KS1), if they weren't what interventions were in place to ensure that they caught up.

    All marking to state whether the child had met the LO and their next step. All work to have differentiated targets.

    Good Luck

    P.S. We are now in Special Measures!
  5. Reading is a massive focus. I have done new Ofsted training and also carried out monitoring of reading. Make sure all the kids have a book at their reading recovery level, are able to talk about their favourite author and genres, can talk about how to read unfamiliar words and what you as their teacher do to help them to read.
  6. clawthorpegirl

    clawthorpegirl New commenter

    Linked to the reading at a meeting the other day with someone who had recently been through Ofsted and they were told children were not reading independently across the curriculum and that too much was being read to the children in lessons when the children could / should have been reading the information themselves.
    In my schools Ofsted (last year so not under new system) we were criticised for setting groups off on independent tasks at the same time, they wanted to see higher ability children starting their differentiated work before the rest of the class particuarly in maths.
  7. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    Thanks for your replies, nice to see a couple of things I know I've done for certain lol... Just think I need to spend some time with pupils getting them to self assess every time and knowing their targets inside out... Still very nervous though... Specially with the differentiated side of the lesson and getting them working independently! Eeeeek.
  8. C
    Have you any idea what is about to hit you? We nearly out now but it's been a rough couple of years. Good Luck!
  9. Id be intrigued about what actually happens when you are in special measures?
    We have had an awful few years leadership wise and are due Ofsted so whilst doing our best we will do extremely will if we avoid special measures!
  10. RUFree

    RUFree New commenter

    It's not nice!
    OFSTED every 3/4 months
    Friends and colleagues put on competency - either with or wthout cause. We've lost several members of staff through either walking or pushing or stress or combination of all three.
    Workloads up to breaking point and everyone scared in case they next on list, so desperately trying to cover every base.
    And it was management failures that put us in - not teaching! But the ex head got promoted elsewhere and we got the grief!
    Like l say - not nice
  11. I feel for any school put under Special Measures. We have just been put into that category and morale is so low that many (including myself) doubt ourselves as good teachers anymore, despite communication and management being non-existent. I'm looking hard for a new job and last week had an interview but unfortunately didn't get it. I won't give up - I've been told I'm good and it won't crush my dream job I've held for 8 years. Keep going, everyone - OFSTED do their job and we do ours - unfortunately our job is pushing us so far that we lose dear friends and colleagues along the way. I'm dreading the future
  12. How can they get away with putting people on competency without any cause? What kind of reasons were they giving?
    I'm absolutely terrified of Ofsted, and have been since September. If I had any other job to jump ship to i'd do it because this kind of stress and worry is no life - and we aren't even in special measures yet! It disgusts me what it does to hard working people. Thankyou for being honest about your experiences.
  13. from my experience recently (under the new ofsted goalposts) it seems that it all hangs on your SATs results. If you are hitting the national average or above you will probably be ok, however if you work damn hard and your children make really good progress, but your previous years results were below the grade, it counts for very little. If you can get your little robots (sorry pupils) to know their targets, spout their target to someone who asks them, and they can tick they have achieved their target you might stand a chance of being successful. Sorry but this old sourpuss is taking early retirement from a job I once loved. The rubbish spouted by government really gets on my nerves.
    Good luck with your Ofsted. Probably not helped your confidence levels either. Sorry about that.
  14. I know this might be a bit obvious, but cant ' the powers that be' see what they are doing to education? I really saddens me. I have taught for 23 years and have seen a lot of changes, some good, some bad. Ofsted has been the worse. We know we are accountable!!! We dont need to be battered round the head with the fact! If we could improve anything further, we would. Ofsted fail to see that we can only start from 'where the children are at', and....achieve some incredible results. I am a fighter as i love my career so much. I was teaching when National Curriculum was introduced and that was a bit of a shock to the system! Not to mention the first SATs!!!!. I have helped colleagues through nervous breakdowns, watch good teachers leave to work in supermarkets..(TRUE!). I have been in category to improve and been through ISP, so yes, I do know what its like. I am due to finish my training for headship in May and just hope that I get chance in the future to give my strength to a team of people who I will work with. The strength to stand up to OFSTED and have the answers to give them! We have the answers yet no one is brave enough to do it for fear of losing their jobs. I never thought education would come to this.
    Come on ,'WE WILL SURVIVE'. What did we come into the profession for....the children!!!
    Funny, they dont mention them anymore!!! Good Luck with Ofsted. You will do well, believe in yourself and be brave enough to let them know WHY you believe in yourself.
    Heres to another 23 years!!!
  15. I'm going to add a slightly different view of Ofsed, I work at a lovely primary school where most of the teaching is good, children are lovely and the management is poor, very poor. After a year of NTI, we were placed into SM. The days which followed were dreadful as we struggled to get to grips with what this meant.
    However, it was the right decision for us, management has changed, there was no other way but to push, show the door, encourage and sack the poor leadership we had. 2 teachers who were on the cusp of satisfactory decided that they didn't want to face the changes so left too.
    This has left a school which is now brimming with promise, supportive staff, exciting leadership and more importantly we are a very tight team. We've had 3 monitoring inspections, the first was tough as the leadership was still in place but 2 and 3 were good, the HMI inspector is firm but very fair, sets us goals for the next visit, is available by email for advice if we need it and when we get it right, tells us so! We expect to be out next visit.
    So, SM is tough, and for some schools not right, but for us it was the right decision to allow the school to change. Without it we would be exactly the same, struggling against a weak, fragmented leadership. I have learned so much in the last year or so, been given opportunities that would not have been possible without SM. It's been a mainly positive experience for me but appreciate that this is not the case for all schools.
    Just wanted to put across a more positive view for anyone about to start the journey.
  16. We have had an Ofsted on average once every 18 months. We came out as Outstanding twice but the last Ofsted (under the new framework) was awful. We felt they came with an agenda... to take away our double outstanding status. They succeeded. We got Good with Outstanding features. My school is set within a deprived area. We have nearly 50% special needs and have the highest number of statemented children in the borough and yet are still compared to surrounding middle class schools. Tips? Well they said we didn't differentiate enough (an absolute nonsense as for every lesson our children split off into differentiated groups led by outstanding staff so that each group can be taught at their own level... something the ofsted team did not, or would not understand). You need to ensure the success criteria is very obvious and of course the children's targets are known to them. This happens at my school and indeed, it was not one of our targets when the report was published. We were left wishy washy targets that we actually already do. We have now picked ourselves up and we move on together as a united team, knowing what we do for these children. I perhaps am now very cynical, but if the team come with an agenda, there is very little you can do to change their minds. Just do what you know you do well. Good luck! [​IMG]
  17. Totally agree about reading...we were just done and were caught out for kids not having a reading book at their 'challenge' level........make sure that the children have a suitable book, phonics a major focus and phonics across the curriculum, make sure that they see you teaching phonics in other lessons - only a little....one of key words in Maths...look at the phonic aspect.
  18. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    I suppose the part that scares me is if they say 'show me a child who is 2c in maths / reading and explain your evidence for this' because I do have guided reading records, and I do have their maths books, but feel like I should have more somehow! Does this happen?!
  19. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    No, not unless you are a subject leader for a core subject and then it is only to check your monitoring of the subject.

    If you are only a classroom teacher (and possibly foundation subject leader) all they do is watch you teach for a while and tell you how good or not it was. That's it.

    What you describe is more what KS1 moderation is about.
  20. Does anyone who'd been through it recently know what they expect of KS1 phase leader? [​IMG]

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