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Ofsted come calling- the romans

Discussion in 'Primary' started by imc, May 14, 2011.

  1. imc


    You don't mention the year group - if it's history which is your prime objective driver then how about comparing the descriptions - I think Tacitus may be one of the first to describe her but could be wrong. You could explore issues about the writer of the descriptions and when they were written - for what purpose and by whom - was it someone who was trying to glorify her e.g. perhaps a romanticised version by a victorian historian or someone who wanted to show her as brave and wild but ultimately defeatable - as with original Roman accounts - she would not be discounted as a weak woman since her armies had sacked Colchester and London but she was beaten by Roman cunning and the more 'organised' Roman army in original accounts. - You might find more on this is you search for Nuffield Primary History as I'm sure I once came across some source material there. Depending on age this could be in more or less detail and link to historical perspective and that historical records are highly dependent on their writers. You could link to PSHE and points of view or link to different accounts of the news that might be given by different parties???
  2. This Horrible Histories song is quite catchy!
    I would get the children to think about how the Romans opinion of her differed from the Celts. Instead of writing a description they could make a 'wanted' poster from the Roman point of view, maybe working in pairs rather than individually?
    Good luck!

  3. I did this very lesson last Monday... (with year 3).

    Adding to what you planned, I got GT to write a comparison of the 2 descriptions, LA painted a portrait with TA based on the 2 descriptions (They read it together and talked about it before they started).

    We looked at lots of pictures of her too, and compared them. We discussed how we DON'T know exactly what Boudicca looked like, and nor did the artists- they used historians' desctiptions. Then we introduced the 2 descriptions from the time- one from Tacticus and one from Dio Cassius.
    The children also thought about why the pictures were similar/different.

    Good Luck!

  4. If you can'y access Youtube, the horrible histories song is also on the bbc website.
  5. Once again I am dismayed!
    Why do people have to change their lessons for Ofsted?
    If a lesson is not good enough for Ofsted it's not good enough for our children!

  6. Hettys

    Hettys New commenter

    You took the words out of my mouth regencyrob. What would the parents of those children think if they read this?
  7. The original poster was looking for advice. If you have nothing nice to say say nothing! 'What would the parents say' - I think the parents would answer that they wouldn't mind their child's teacher having a life and would understand that not every lesson can be all-singing-all-dancing. It is only natural that more thought and effort goes into lessons that are being observed - I know I spend more time ensuring my lesson is the best it could be when I know someone will be observing me.
  8. So OP has tried drama on numerous occasions and the kids mess about but she is going to teach it again anyway and the only reason why not is because Ofsted is in?
    Not all lessons need to be singing and dancing and Ofsted are not looking for that anyway they are looking for engagement and progression and if a teacher can't do that in every lesson then they are not doing their job properly!
  9. Of course not all lessons have to be all-singing-all-dancing but it is only natural to show the best possible lesson you can do if you are being observed. I think we all put in extra effort when someone is watching and judging us and our school.
  10. Since my first ever teaching job I have worked on the principle not to change my lessons for observations and inspections, because when I used to do this I would try to put too much in or make it too flashy and they never worked, so I dont change anymore.
    I have got some outstandings and I have had some good and once I got a satisfactory with good points. This way I know my children are recieving good - outstanding teaching all of the time. Not just when someone is coming to watch.
    It's sad when someone puts in 2 weeks work or a week or a weekend even into a lesson and they are judges adequate or a good after all that effort it must be demoralising. Plus you are not going to get any help or support from SLT if they only ever see your good lessons - how will they help you improve?
    If they have a course place available say for Improving literacy teaching they would pick someone else who maybe has a satisfactory in the obs whereas you miss out as you got a good - outstanding even though it took days to plan it!

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