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OFSTED business or econ lesson during revision/exam prep

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by glynmanton, May 4, 2011.

  1. glynmanton

    glynmanton New commenter

    Due an OFSTED this term- I am in middle -as we all are- of exam prep/revision/past paper practice.
    Has anyone got a suitable lesson plan/resources of a lesson that was judged good or outstanding to put my mind at rest that if we get the call I do not need to deviate massively from what I am doing presently?

    Also if I have planned a mock (with A2 students I run one before they go on study leave) am I penalised if I change? I could complete a mock as one question - but does not give the students the experience of writing 4 essays or so in 2 hours - yet if that what OFSTED see - how can they judge?

    I am happy to return favour in terms of swapping resources - I am a sharer!

    Please email me at glynmanton@ntlworld.com

    I look after:
    Applied ocr bus
    OCR bus A (People option)

    OCR Econ A (Work and Leisure at a2)

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