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Ofsted Behemoth Rolls On

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Winnie Woo, Jul 10, 2010.

  1. nick909

    nick909 Star commenter

    Whilst I tended to agree with the general sentiments of the original post, this really is the oddest thread I've ever seen.
    Someone has far too much time on their hands.
    Please, let it die.
  2. That's just how I remember it! Key statement: Ofsted hold all the aces. You come out feeling you have been somewhere you never imagined you would ever be in your school; a strange wierd place where everything you deal with every day, which is real, shoots through a black hole. You are left fighting a situation which does not fit the rules as you know them. In my case lots of things did not fit the picture and Ofsted did not play by the rules. An inspector was sent in to inspect the inspectors. They say you can challenge them but can you - time is excrutiatingly short! And then they are gone.......
  3. A recent Ofsted in June 2010 has me wondering how a decision can be made about the school based on what the inspectors saw. They came in the week of sportsday/ other end of term events and had absolutely no desire to see even for 5 minutes see how these events were organised, and how they effected the children and surrounding community.

    There were 4 inspectors in our 2 form entry school. One of these was a nightmare and treated all of the staff like her servant e.g. get me my lunch at 1pm and bring it to me here ( errr there is 500 students all wanting there lunch too, feel free to get on your feet and come and collect it!). One of them was really good, really listened, thanked every teacher for letting her come into their classrooms, much appreciated by all of us; a little courtesy goes a long way.

    One of the Insepector came into my lesson for 20 minutes and actually FELL ASLEEP! I was introducing a story text and had to make one of my characters have a loud voice when reading aloud to wake him up! And before you say it, I'm sure it wasn't that my lesson was boring as the children were on task and even dare I say it enjoying the lesson. There was another Inspector in with him, but it is just plain rude to come in and show clearly that you are not really interested, especially after demanding blow by blow (time consuming) lesson plans from us for every lesson incase they decided to pop in. Quote Ofsted ' we don't want the inspection to create more work for the staff' HA!
    Feed back to the staff often criticised things out of their control rather than things that they could actually do something about e.g. An NQT was told the working space she had to teach in was too small! What is she supposed to do magic some more space?
    The inspectors came with a judgement and told our management as much, at the end of the inspection the management team had a meeting and were given feedback. They did not take it lying down, everything they disagreed with they argued why and showed evidence to prove otherwise. They fought like i've never seen them fight before for the reputation of our school and staff! We came out with a 'Good with Outstanding Features' Would we have still got this if the management hadn't put a strong case forward in the feedback session?
    I feel that the whole thing is a farce, it drained us of energy, not just during the inspection but for 1 year leading upto it. The paperwork that we do for the government/ofsted that actually isn't useful, writing things down that we are all doing as second nature to prove we have thought of it is all a waste of time. The kids learning has suffered as time usually devoted to them has been taken away by bureaucracy.
    New term, no Ofsted looming, everyone is relaxed, focusing on the children, fantastic displays are going up, Imaginative and innovative lessons are creeping back in, children are excited, I feel inspired again because i can actually follow through on the exciting ideas I have. Until the next one!
  4. Lots of interesting and pertinent ideas but why is the spelling of so many contributors so appalling? I'm with George Bernard Shaw that English spelling needs reform, but in the meantime, what hope do your pupils have if their teachers cannot spell?

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