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Ofsted Behemoth Rolls On

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Winnie Woo, Jul 10, 2010.

  1. Erm, great post but rather embarrassingly had to look up in a dictionary:
    • Percipience
    • Obsequious
    • Diatribe
    • Philippic
    • Nomenclature
    • Metastasise
    • Obeisant
    • Omniscient
    • Procrustean
    • Tendentious
    • Sententious
    • Monomaniacal
    • Dirigiste
    And on the internet:
    • <font size="3">detraque</font>
    • <font size="3">saeva indignato</font>
    • <font size="3">infra dig</font>

  2. Thanks for an excellent post. It's refreshing to hear some common sense especially relating to the bane of every teacher's life - targets! Keep up the good work!!
  3. Your problem is that you're under the misguided impression that you're there to teach the children. In actual fact, your job is to follow a myriad of mindless, petty rules, on which there are regular tests. If it is found that you have accidentally imparted useful knowledge to a child then more rules will be imposed to prevent that happening again (and applied retrospectively), because there isn't a box to tick on the form for that eventuality.
    Please remember your place in society; if you are not one of the elite, wielding a clipboard with a tickybox form affixed, then you are not worthy to question their judgement.

  4. A lead inspector kept on saying "if I were to teach that lesson I would have...." on checking her background with my HT it was revealed that she had not taught a day in her life!

    One of my children revealed a cracker. 5 years old and when asked by the inspector "what did your teacher ask you to do?" He dutifully replied. When I asked the child later on he said " well I felt like saying. You should have listened more carefully to the teacher but I thought I had better help him out!"
  5. I wish I could have written something as articulate and well thought out as this after the inspectors 'allowed' us to come out of NTI. Who are they to judge? Our children are, like yours, happy, well adjusted and really enjoy their schooling. Give teaching back to the teachers and get rid of the petty Hitlers. I too will be posting a copy of this on our staff room wall (but maybe in a secluded place away from the head, who sings to the Ofsted tune...)
  6. Brilliant, I admire those that can be eloquent when foaming at the mouth!
    and hatstand mind if I put your level bit on a tee shirt? I'm making a series of tee shirts to wear on CPD days.
  7. Please please send this to your MP and every newspaper you can. Let the world hear!!
  8. Isn't it time to kill OFSTED off? As a Scientist, it has always struck me that OFSTED's judgements are massively unscientific. The grading system is arbitrary and often simply ridiculous, but the way in which "evidence" is gathered is hopeless. I have been judged 5 times now, but the last visit I had was a 10 minute shuffle around my lab looking at books while I attempted to teach my distracted group. Apparently I was "good" and the students "showed learning". They proved capable of re-phrasing something I had told them 7 mins earlier on. Since when is this learning?

    I have seen under-performing schools get through OFSTED, and strong schools fail. All the time OFSTED is draining money from the education system like a bloated leech. Many good teachers have fled from the specter of OFSTED and many poor teachers seem to have found work there! Shut it down and lets allow the LEA to monitor the SEF. Lets have a system that actually tries to support schools and teachers instead of acting like judge, jury and executioner. They are broken beyond repair. Throw it out and spend the money on something useful instead.
  9. What a wonderful and accurate post - like others have said, this should be sent on to every local authority, board of governors, head teachers and parents in the country - THE TRUTH WILL OUT!
  10. Wonderful stuff!!I Enjoyed your rant inordinately--and how very erudite, too. Never mind the critics-what you say is absolutely spot on. Nothing much can be added .Any good teacher who`s of sound mind ,still , after being subjected to an inspection process which makes us all into the hypocrites we despise out of fear and self-preservation will agree. My choicest quote is what the inspection team leader said to me, after criticizing me . I asked her how, then , she could explain why my children were doing so well---she replied 'Well -they`re getting older, so of course they`ll have made progress'. So I suppose the government could, on the basis of the wisdom of one of their own inspectors, solve their budget problems overnight---sack all teachers, abolish schools, and just let time do the work. Brilliant!
  11. manic28

    manic28 New commenter

    Absolutely SPOT ON.
    You must be angry for it to be the subject of your first post.
  12. manic28

    manic28 New commenter

    Does this post remind anyone else of an episode of 'Yes, Minister'?
    No? Just me then.
  13. Did the Inspector happen to mention the benefits of using plain unpatronising unpompous simple English by any chance?
  14. Thank you for saying so brilliantly what many of us think. I have just been through my fourth and last OFSTED. Oh how true those words ring. I am retiring next week. The pleasure I have had throwing out tons of paperwork which I have kept as "evidence" was immense. Roll on next week and freedom.
  15. It's easy to see where you are going wrong.
    You don't have a Superduper Headteacher earning &pound;200 K per annum. (&pound;123 'ish after stoppages)
    What you have failed to express is your pity for an OFSTED clone who has no other choice than to deliver whatever is the fashionable message of the day.
    Imagine how frustrated the poor woman must have felt, not having the freedom to recognise the achievements made by staff and pupils at your school.
    I bet she goes home and loses sleep over it!
  16. Oh gosh! Loved it, but like some others got sidetracked by the flowery speech used. (lol.. I knew the meanings of most of those words!!)
    As a teacher from Aus, I worked in two schools in England, with the unenviable experience of going through 2 Offsted's in six months!! And a 3rd one coming up in the next school!! (I went home before this happened). I was staggered by the Ofsted experience. What a load of crock! All that preparation, writing out of lesson plans etc blah blah blah.. getting records up to date and fancified to meet the required (false) standard!!! All for 3 days of torture, for all.
    What really made me laugh was I had been sick and missed the message that we were having a 'mock' Ofsted inspection prior to the real thing. I rolled up to school on Monday morning to find an 'inspector' in my classroom, saying she would be with me for about an hour, to observe. No point in panicking, 'k?? So we went ahead with my usual routines (Receptionn class) and got on with a literacy lesson. Afterwards I got called into the HT's office. She was beaming!! Proceeded to tell me how well my lesson had gone and how impressed the 'inspector' was.
    My point is, that we were doing good stuff in that classroom, without all the gumphfffff that goes with Ofsted. There shouldnt be any of this panic and preparation that goes with it, they should just roll up with two days notice and do their stuff. They will get a REAL picture of how the school is performing. It then passes the responsibility back to the HT to make sure that their staff are up to standard and performing satisfactorily. And providing the help and resources needed by the teacher to reach and maintain that standard.
    We dont have this refined form of torture here in Western Australia. Our HT's are extremely supportive, our union strong. But like you we are drowning under the sea of paper work still.
  17. How true, we had a hobbit's cousin round to do our inspection, I was observed twice, two different subjects, what a laugh, she asked the students what they thought and how the lesson had gone. They said outstanding and really enjoyed it, her opinion, yes they had learned and progress was in evidence, but do students know what an outstanding lesson is, so it was a good. The next session Basic Skills numeracy, introduction to division, the class entry level 1 and entry level 2, she moaned after that both levels had the same work, yes I replied because none of the class could do division so it made sense to start at the same point and then the more able ie entry level 2's would move on a little quicker. no she replied they had to start from different points, so I asked what if I had just given the Entry level 2's the work with no explaination and watch them struggle, now I was being negitive, no I was pointing out her error, in thinking that when we introduce a new topic we can start anywhere we want, imagine i said a Post graduate and a school leaver go for driving lessons, does the post graduate start on the more advance techniques of driving first or do they both start at the basics, she replied it is quite clear they start at the basics because neither have driven before, exactly I said, but she replied what has that got to do with division?
    So I asked when had she last stood in front of a class of 16 - 18 year olds with low learning abilities and who many had come from PRUs in the area, she said she teaches new trainee teaches and has done for 12 years but was an expert in adult education, not quite the answer I wanted, an inspector who know nothing of the group in front of me, she even managed not to understand the group profiles, which clearly stated next to each student their initial assessment score and the corresponding ability level in numeracy. In the report she said these were not available, and then said I had put the figures in after she left, bloody funny that considering myself and mt colleagues all had the same student profiles and she did not note this omission with anybody else.
    In the end i played the game because that what it is but it was a great insight into how inept some of these so called "experts" are.

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