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Ofsted Behemoth Rolls On

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Winnie Woo, Jul 10, 2010.

  1. Winnie Woo

    Winnie Woo New commenter

    Well said!
    I think this should be published in the main TES.
  2. nick909

    nick909 Star commenter

    Absolutely brilliant. I dont think a more accurate abstract of an inspection has ever been written.
    isocha, sir or madam, I doff my cap to you.
  3. WolfPaul

    WolfPaul New commenter

    With your permission, isocha, I shall be posting this on the staffroom wall.
  4. Brilliiant isocha!
    I often think of the story of the Emperor's New Clothes when observing what's happening to our education system, to us the teachers and to our children - who are, after all, our future. What sort of adults will they be if they have a target-driven childhood? Why are most of us too afraid to stand up and be counted, me included? We are all obsequious when OFSTED is in because the alternative would seem to be professional suicide. The target system is a sham.
  5. harsh-but-fair

    harsh-but-fair Star commenter

    really? i thought it was pretentious waffle - if people are going to use all those foreign phrases they should at least spell them correctly ......
  6. nick909

    nick909 Star commenter

    Out of interest, do you ever post anything constructive, or are all 25,000 of your posts just unpleasant little snipes at other people's comments?
  7. marymoocow

    marymoocow Star commenter

    Pretentious waffle? Nay intelligence....something we couldn't accuse the ofsted inspector of having. Sorry you felt so threatened by it Harsh-but-fair. Are you sure you are not an ofsted inspector, you share so much negativity.
  8. harsh-but-fair

    harsh-but-fair Star commenter

    why don't you try reading them, nick?
  9. Cervinia

    Cervinia Occasional commenter

    Presumeably because he has better things to do with his time.

    Fantastic first post by the way.
  10. QFE

    QFE New commenter

    This post deserves to be a clasic.
    Frankly, we are trying to measure the unmeasurable.
    Some 15 years ago I was in the civil service. Got out because of all the target driven BS. Strangely, after the rest of the world has forgotten about it, it appears in education. Gosh, we really are at the cutting edge....NOT!!
    I may upset some, but I feel that HTs and County really lack balls when dealling with inspectors. What is the worst they can do? Take the entire staff out and shoot them?
    To repeat what has probably been said many times before, the ladies and gents form the ministery could not teach most of the classes I've had in the last five years, so b*gger off and come back when you can and then I'll accept your judgemen.
    (retiring to a darkned room and hyperventilating...)

  11. Just wondering how does one become an ofsted inspector?
    Apparantly you can become head of them all by dropping out of school at 16 (as long as you have wealthy middle class godmothers to bankroll you)
    And then you can say that all schools need a s@it teacher to teach kids how to deal with sh%t people in authority.
    Do other countries have sh*t inspectors to help teachers learn the same thing?
  12. God Bless you Bilbo Baggins ! You should be running education.... you are exactly the informed and down to earth person we need. Not those haggered old tanks of zombified yes-folk who don't know their backsides from the corners of their arms... damn them all to hell !
    Please grace us further with your honest, straight forward reflective brilliance won't you?
  13. I have another why. Why do SMT (secondary) teams ram this down our throats to such an extent that it becomes the learning?
    How is a primary aged child expected to know how they learn without a PGCE under their belts?
    On a lighter note, when asked about learning, the little angel could have said they didn't do that here! Call me a cynic, but I reckon there's a lot of money in box ticking.
    Regarding where Ofsted inspectors come from. Where I live a Headteacher was asked to leave following an unsatisfactory inspection demanded by circling after furious parents were fed up with the ruination of their children. I leave it to you to guess where her next post was.............
  14. Yup. Great post. The two most pertinent points are the dominance that they excercise, turning us into cringing sycophants who don't argue back and the unquestioned mantra:
    I know my level. I know how to get to the next level.I know my level. I know how to get to the next level.I know my level. I know how to get to the next level. I know my level. I know how to get to the next level.
    It seems common sense that knowing your present level of achievement and knowing how to get to the next level enables students to 'progress', but does it? Is it more important than engaging actively with tasks, or discovering through play or, for us oldies, being told about stuff, then applying that knowledge? Upon whose research is this insistence on the prevalance and primacy of the levelling process based? I presume it is, but do I presume too much, placing too much trust in OfSted and their professinal competency?
  15. Dear JSOCHA,

    As a Argentine teacher, I must say that you have given me a glimpse of what you English teachers are put through every time a inspector calls. We don't have such a steady system of control. But I wanted to share, if I may, an experience just for the sake of empathy from this side of the globe.

    Argentina is undergoing a MAJOR educational crisis due to something that you have pointed out and which is, in my opinion, key for understanding these obsolete narrow systems: education is too bound to politics.

    My mother was a science teacher all her life in primary and secondary schools. A couple of years ago she started training teachers at a public training teacher college. she is currently training professional teachers all over the province. This province (Río Negro), has started a reformation two or three years ago. Amazingly enough, they have first summoned the teachers to say what needed to be reformed. after that, they had the teachers write new proposals for the curriculum. Brilliant idea. All that was nicely typed by experienced teachers, like my mother. Now, the project is being put into practice. My mother together with all the teachers that wrote the New Curriculum travel around the province training teachers of the schools that have accepted the reform (I think next year will be compulsory for all public schools and the year after next, for public and independent schools).

    The most difficult obstacle to overcome is... teachers. Apparently, teachers are difficult to educate, as paradoxical as it may sound. The New Curriculum has a strong constructivist approach based on experience, not on targets. Planning is based on helping students "discover" knowledge rather than knowing. But this implies more planning and more study hours on our part. Lame teachers refuse to take advantage of such training, they boycott them and are reluctant to change their me-teacher you-student view of the classroom world.

    I hope that your experience is heard by those who can change the system. It is a pity that the overall of the students' performance was not evaluated. I agree that students' well being, personal health and social skills are KEY to their academic success (we otherwise create isolated know-it-alls).

    If you speak Spanish and would like to have a look at the New Curriculum, just out of curiosity, the link is http://www3.educacion.rionegro.gov.ar/disciplinar.php

    Enjoy your summer holidays!!!!!! (I will enjoy my winter ones....)

    Angie =)
  16. O my goodness.
    I can hardly move out of my chair for laughing and the shock of recognition.....
    A classic.
    (How sad though, that this is the awful truth.)
    A truly fabulous piece.
    Thank you and I hope you feel much better for your venting!!

  17. Dear Isocha
    That is the best piece of writing I have read in a long while! I think there are a lot of teachers (majority?) who would agree wholeheartedly with you. The question is, what can be done to change this sorry state of affairs? Suggestions anyone...
  18. Here, here jsocha!
    Just come out the other side after a 2 day inspection of our lovely primary school last week (who expects the Spanish Inquisition so near to the end of term?!) Our 'team' shared their finding with the head and deputy and then left the building before 3.15 - we can only assume to avoid our wrath, but consequently we could have no feedback on the lessons they observed that day! Would love to know where they find these people!
  19. How I agree this should be published. Why do we put up with it all?.... Why have I recently spoken to two teachers...(both came into it so keen)...who have both already decided to leave teaching??...(one aged 24, one aged 28)...Plus... I'm lucky to be old enough to remember when the job was a total pleasure! And guess what? Past pupils who have contacted me pre ofsted and excessive paperwork...have, (strangely enough) gone on to do really well...some are now teachers, one a mid wife, lots have got super degrees...My word! How did they achieve this without me tracking every breath they took?? Writing reams every weekend?? Oh, perhaps I had more time free to concentate on my lessons...
    There was no need for all this then....who or what is it for now???...

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