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OFSTED are coming next week! Advise please on what they will ask EYFS co-ordinator?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by LucyD84, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. Eeeek! We've just this week survived a local authoirty inspection...only to get "the call" and find out Ofsted are now coming on Tuesday! I've been told I will probably be interviewed at some point about Early Years. Has anyone been recently inspected on the new framework...could you please let me know what sort of questions they asked you...what they wanted to talk about (and if you have any suggestions for possible anwers/things they want to hear that would be helpful too!) I'm slightly terrified!!!

  2. spectra75

    spectra75 New commenter

    hi we were just inspected in jan. We got outstanding.
    they gave us two focus for inspectiion 1 how we ensure children from diff ethicity progress 2 the spiritual, moral aspect of teaching.
    previously inspectors came and observed lesson and went off and came back again but now they stay in the class ALL day. They observe everything.
    they ask the same question to different people so make sure everyone has the same answers. they will look at your data, class room practice etc. Make sure planning is differenttated and is evaluated .
    put out lots of enjoyable activites and some around awe and wonder etc like ice melting,lava lamp or butterflies or if you have chicks hatching will be great etc
    good luck and remember theyre just ordinary people doing their job.
  3. We were also inspected in Jan- the first in our LA to be inspected under the new framework I believe!!

    As Spectra says, SMSC is huge; she wanted to know how we were addressing cultural references throughout the nursery.

    She also focused heavily on early reading; how were we implementing this and how were we challenging our more able children?

    She spent all day observing us (we are just a nursery school, not a primary) very close observations and she wanted to see every key worker teach.

    She spent a lot of time looking around at displays and activities, planning and assessment.

    Good luck and remember to be confident and show her everything; not sure if it's a wives tale but someone I was talking to recently said if you don't provide info, they won't ask for it so may mark you down for that!! Take it as your chance to show off what you do :)
  4. Thank you both thats very helpful :) We are a very "White British" school...so i'm guessing they might ask how we are addressing the lack of cultural/ethnic diversity (which is always difficult..we've done lots of work on different religious/cultural festivals- diwali, chinese new year etc and we're about to post our class teddy off to an inner city/multi-cultural school for a little holiday!) Will evidence like this will be suitable!?
    Reading- I guess I talk about our rigorous phonics programme? support we put in place for children identified as falling behind...ways that we extend the more able?
    I wont be observed all day...we are a primary school with 7 classes..we've been told each "visit" to our room will last approx 30mins..and they will visit at least a couple of times throughout the 2 days.
    I'm really worried they will quiz me lots about data...I was in Reception last time Ofsted came...but have been in KS1 for the last couple of years. I need to spend some time tonight looking through data from the last few years I think :-s

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