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OFSTED and early years

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by looneylou86, Jan 1, 2011.

  1. Hello Everyone-hope you all had a fantastic xmas and new year!
    I am getting back into "work mode" and wondering about OFTSED-as we are due one anytime!
    I have settled into Reception after 2 years in Year 1 but still feel like I have no idea what OFSTED would be looking for when they walk into my classroom.
    I understand that the environment is key and they will be interested to see the children working in the areas and engaging in independent learning but what about the inputs?
    What if the 20 mins when OFSTED walk in involve me doing long observations...how can they grade my teaching? Will they want to see me do an input then work with a group (whilst other chn access CP) and finally do a plenary?
    Any advice you guys can offer would be so useful. THANK YOU XXXX
  2. It's my understanding that inspectors concentrate on progress seen, rather than on the teaching. In early years they should be looking to see how well children are engaged and how well supported by the environment and by the adults. They would expect to see a balance of adult and child initiated activities which are supporting learning. Adults should all have well-defined roles which could include observing for next steps.
  3. thanks for your response thumbie! It has triggered my thinking....
    in a one form entry school with a teacher and 1 TA-it is difficult to always have an adult initiated activtiy if for instance one adult is supporting child initiated learning outside and one is observing inside? Do you think OFSTED would not see this as a good use of adults and not effectively supporting learning?
    (apologise for my grammar but my keyboard is broken...i have no comma)
  4. In all Primary OFSTED reports I have read EYFS have without fail done better than the rest of the school. Don't worry, they will go easy on you.
  5. teejay, they don't go easy on anyone. But if you are following the EYFS, and have evidence that you are following it, and pay due attention to the statutory elements, they shouldn't find too much to criticise (they'll find something, of course).
    To the OP, it might be worth your while to visit a couple of other settings to see how others work, especially if they have sailed through OFSTED..
  6. Thanks for your advice thumbie! I think I will look into visiting other settings.

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