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OFSTED and chocolate topic

Discussion in 'Primary' started by minky4uk44, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. hello everyone.
    Im being obsevered on wednesday afternoon in a year 3/4 class and the topic is chocolate. can any one hel?. I need somthing hands on and obviously amazing!!!

  2. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    The topic is chocolate????? Seriously?

    What is the learning objective? What do you want the children to learn and then activities can follow.

    Which chocolate is the most popular after tasting?
    Which chocolate melts fastest?
    Does fairtrade chocolate taste better than not fairtrade?
    How do you make chocolate? Can we make it in class?
    The history of chocolate?
    Where does chocolate come from?
  3. inq


    Descriptive writing including the unwrapping, feel, look and obviously taste.
    Observational drawing.
    Design a chocolate bar wrapper.
    Analyse the ingredients/ calorific information on a variety of chocolate bars and turn into a bar chart.
    That's all I can think of immediately - we had OFSTED 2 weeks ago and they didn't look too much at lessons - just popped in and out, judgements were only given on lessons that they stayed in for at least 20 minutes and they frequently only stayed 15.
  4. I suppose it depends how far into the topic you are...
    It's Fairtrade Fortnight 28th Feb-13th March. Perhaps you could do children in role being the different people involved in chocolate production? A debate in character leading to persuasive writing? (Maybe a letter to head teacher or Friends of school to request a Fairtrade snack shop?) Sampling the chocolate should certainly be involved!
  5. yeah chocolate is the topic. I need something fun. Its a class of very challenging boys!!! who will not put pen to paper, who fight in class etc etc. something that will keep them entertained for at least 2 hours!!!! arrrhhhhh
  6. Oh & good luck!
  7. Is there no plan for this topic that can show you the skills you should be delivering to your children?
    Ofsted are not there to be amazed by hands on. They are there to see that you have a class of children who are actively learning and are engaged in what they are doing. Look to the skills they are supposed to be developing in this term's medium term plan....particularly something that they may not be too good at now, so they can demonstrate progress within a short amount of time i'e' the time the inspector is in the room...and go with that. Mini plenaries are the way forward.
  8. Why not do cookery? Challenge the boys to make the best chocolate cupcakes. Create the best recipe/Advert etc. Sell to other pupils & ask for feedback.
    Measures, persuasive writing, calculating profits etc. They could use their money to buy something for the classroom.
  9. i was thinking something along the lines of a letter or a parcel from ***** wonker with a task for them to do. best group wins a golden ticket... but not sure what the task could be.
  10. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    I'm so sorry but if this is all you are looking for then you will not get a good lesson observation. If I was observing someone who thought a good lesson meant their class were 'entertained for at least 2 hours' I would be seriously concerned. Maybe you are being flippant, but ofsted will be looking for some teaching and learning going on.

    Your plan and lesson will need to show what the children are learning, how they are moving on, etc, etc. Not how well they are being entertained.
  11. Design & market a new healthy chocolatey treat. Maybe Mr Wonka had Jamie Oliver come and criticise his factory & products for being unhealthy!
  12. waterfin
    its not my class. I only cover PPA in the school so im not sure. I need to do something visual to keep these boys engaged.
  13. inq


    ***** Wonker is looking to expand his range of chocolates, He wants to know 1) What the favourite added ingredient is? 2) What it could be called 3) whether it is milk/ dark/ white chocolate? 4) What the packaging looks like
    Get the children to work in small groups to find out answers to first 3 and then work individually/ pairs/ groups to do the 4th one.
  14. minnieminx
    well obviously i dont just want the children to be entertained. overwise i would just put the movie on and say here kids watch this. I need to think of a really good afternoon lesson where i can demonstrate good teaching and learning and where the children are going to what to be engaged in the activity and produce SOME work.
  15. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    I did chocolate for our last Ofsted and had a carousel of activities
    1. materials and change - melting - comparing the time it took for a bar of chocolate broken into small pieces with another bar broken in half - used it to make Easter bunny lollies - change was reversible
    2. making a graph of favourite chocolate bars - I used Cadbury's heroes and Celebration choc wrappers to record on large sheet of paper
    3. Another group created a tally of preferences - white - milk - dark chocolate using unifix cubes in appropriate colours results were transferred to bar chart on IWB
    4. Final group designed the wrapper for a chocolate bar with a target audience of children
    We also looked at where chocolate comes from - Fair Trade
    History of Chocolate - Aztecs - Mayan
    Michael Rosen Chocolate Poem - hold a chocolate button in hand while the poem is read aloud

  16. WOW... did you have all these activies going on at once or through the day? what did ofsted say about your observation.

  17. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    the four activities were a full afternoon and children moved around them so they completed all four
    Ofsted were happy with it good feedback - checked that the children were using ICT as he wasn't in when they input the results. Didn't mind a lot of eating chocolate was going on ...
    The inspector came back for lollies for the team the next morning
  18. It seems to me that you are missing the point of an Ofsted inspection - they do not buy the 'one lesson wonder' stuff and see through it quickly. They will be looking for progression within a unit, not simply a good one off lesson.
    You say you are covering the class - surely there must be some sort of long term planning in place? What skills need to be covered in the unit?
  19. the class teacher has made up a unit plan, i was told to put on a show by the head teacher and be ceative with the topic.
  20. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Then you need to talk to the class teacher and get a copy of the plan and see what you should be teaching. Once you know that you can plan for the children to be creative and actively involved in learning.

    Yes, you do need to put on a show, but a show of teaching and learning not of fun.

    Allowing children to be active and creative is absolutely a great idea, but you need to focus you planning for the afternoon on learning.

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