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OFSTED - advice

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by msfab, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. The school I am about to leave is carying out some very dubious practices - there are more unqualified than qualified staff 'teaching' (some do not even have the GCSEs that they are 'teaching'), staff are bullied into accepting more contact hours of teaching than legally acceptable - if you dont like it leave, behaviour of students is so poor with minimal consequences that the abilitiy to teach or command any form of respect is difficult for the majority of teachers (particularly those that are not qualified), the list is endless but at the end of the day it is the children that are suffering as they are thrown into 'sink' groups, written off and are recieving a totally substandard education with many being excluded at the end of year 11 so they dont have to be entered into exams and wont affect the schools %s. I am tempted to report the school to OFSTED - what would you advise?
  2. Why are you leaving?
    What would be gained by reporting to Ofsted?
    What do you expect Ofsted to do?
    What could the school say about you?
    A lot of teachers are not qualified in the subjects they teach.
    A lot of teachers can not spell, they forget the basics of spelling (i before e except after c)
    Somethings have a habit of coming back to bite you in the backside.
    What do you personally wish to gain by reporting the school?
    What about the staff left behind?
    Why are you considering reporting the school to Ofsted now, is it because of the fact you are leaving or are you driven by some loftier purpose?
    Just walk away and get on with enjoying life!
  3. thistledoo

    thistledoo Senior commenter

    Even if you write to Ofsted, it doesn't necessarily mean they will act. I agree that such an action might come back and 'bite you'. If you feel that strongly you are doing the right thing leaving. How do you think your colleagues will feel if you take action? Somehow or other they will know it was probably you! What would your chances be in another future interview if faced with one of the staff you left behind, bearing in mind they also might leave and seek promotion?
    What do you mean by, "some do not have the GCSE's they are teaching"? I thought all teachers were educationalists and were taught to apply themselves to teach whatever they were asked to teach? I have taught subjects that I do not have a GCSE in... all my students passed with Grades A-C. I'm able to research, read a specification, seek advice and be prepared, within subject specialisms the nature of the curriculum can and does change, for example, Home Economics to Food Technology... many HEc., teachers had completely new areas to teach such as design.
    As to being bullied into more contractual hours than is legal... we have unions and they are very helpful and supportive. Can't the staff seek out teaching union support?
    What do you mean by, 'unqualified staff' exactly?
  4. In answer to your questions, as this might help in the response -
    I am leaving as I am mentally and physically exhausted from teaching at this school, I do not want to describe the situation too much as the school may become apparent. None of the promises made at interview have been followed through, the behaviour is appalling with little/ no consequence, SLT live in a bubble and shut theirselves away in their offices not to be contacted, there is no clear leadership either within my dept or the school anymore.
    I do not know what OFSTED could do hence my asking the question but I had thought that ALL children were entitled to a teacher of QTS status to teach them a core subject at KS3 and KS4 and that the teaching should be of at least at satisfactory level - all my lesson observations have been outstanding and all my students (even those written off by other teachers) have achieved target levels or above at KS3, KS4 and KS5.
    The 'teachers' are not qualified as in, not qualified. Many have no professional teaching qualifications and are in fact TAs without a degree, A levels or GCSEs that have told to 'teach' KS4 classes. They are not cover supervisors or teachers with QTS that have trained in another subject they are TAs, some are even given titles of learning associates. They are paid as TAs. There are a number of other 'teachers' that have degrees but are working as unqualified teachers, there is no attempt at support for these teachers at all.
    Many teachers, TAs, CS and LAs feel that they are being bullied into working long hours and over contracted timetables but any complaints are not resolved, its a deal with it or leave situation. All the qualified teachers within my own department are openly looking for other jobs and the unqualified ones are scared to complain with the new additional threat of redundancies.
    SLT are not listening to the staff, the kids are suffering and as a result the behaviour is getting worse. I do not feel comfortable leaving a crumbling school behind and feel that someone should be taken to account on this rather than the teachers that I am leaving to face the continual nightmare, or the students in the results that they will be gaining in August this year.
    Finally, be assured that if I EVER went to a school and saw any of the current SLT on the leadership board I would not bother applying.
    What would others do? Should/ could you just walk away?

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