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Ofsted 2 day visit - what to expect day 2?

Discussion in 'Ofsted inspections' started by anon874, May 11, 2011.

  1. Do Ofsted stop at lunch time day 2 to write things up?
    Will they observe one teacher more than once?
    How soon after their visit can we expect the final school result?
    How long does it take for them to compile the report?

  2. littlerussell

    littlerussell New commenter

    They usually stop to finalise judgements. The write up is done later. There may be further visits if they have not been able to draw conclusions.

    Yes, possibly. It depends on what they want to see, rather than who. If you are the only person delivering Science .... etc. However, you can make some estimate as to the probability of this happening by working out how many teachers have not been observed. The more people haven't been visited, the less likely a repeat visit.
    SLT informed at home time. Been done 4 times. Two told us not to share it with staff; one told us we could if we insist on confidentiality; one told us that he was supposed to say don't share it with staff, but of course we would, what sort of head wouldn't?
    In draft, a couple of days. Checked by HT for factual errors. 10 days - 2 weeks before a final copy lands in school. A week or so after that before it is on the website.
  3. littlerussell

    littlerussell New commenter

    In the first question, I mean visits to classrooms on the final afternoon, not further inspections.
  4. September

    September New commenter

    Day 1 - approx 30 teachers seen. At least two from each dept.
    End of day 1 - Teaching and Learning result - Inspectors had not seen enough good lessons - too many satisfactory
    Day 2 - 10 more teachers seen during the first four lessons of the day. They saw enough good and outstanding lessons for the grading to be good overall.
    A nerve wrecking experience on day 2 as the teachers knew it was make or break.
    The big thing they were looking for was "differentiation by task not by outcome"
    The OFSTED team were very encouraging and supportive.

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