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OFQUAL Reports

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by kevchenko13, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. No, they were real - I remember them coming along to our meetings with clipboards and everything. [​IMG]
    But I can't find them on their website earlier. There are two that I think you'd be interested in, an A level one called 'Review of standards in GCE mathematics in 2004 and 2007' and a GCSE one called 'The new GCSE mathematics examinations. Findings from the monitoring of the new GCSE mathematics specifications in 2008'. Both were published in March 2009. Don't know if that helps locate them at all?
    OCR GCSE Maths Qualifications Manager
  3. (I've been itching for an excuse to use lmgtfy for a while!)

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