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ofqual insist boards check controlled assessments for cheating?

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by mymoose, May 6, 2012.

  1. As the controlled assessment cheating season draws to an end, will this year be the first that ofqual insist exam boards check submissions for cheating, or will they let them all pass through again and announce a review lasting a year? Will they insist that exam boards ask for answers from schools when all controlled assessments look the same because pupils have been coached with almost identical prijects to the one they did? Will they ask for each pupils record to see what individual feedback and help was given? How about getting exam boards to get schools to explain why all 200 students selected the same project when they should have had a choice? Let's not be hasty. Ofqual is the guardian of standards who we can trust to do their job properly. Can't we?
  2. You still "teach"? Pfft - you're supposed to facilitate students' learning!
  3. Ofqual has already announced a review of controlled assessments. It will start in the Summer and will last a year. At the end of this, they will no doubt suggest changes, which will take 6 months to consult on and these will then be implemented in 2014. They will then sit back and watch.to see if they got it right this time.

    Ofqual astounds me. If they had implemented the existing jcq rules, and made damn sure all schools did them in identical ways, made sure a choice means a choice for projects and banned teachers outright from teaching similar 'practice' projects, they wouldn't need to do a review. Of course, if controlled assessments had actually been piloted in the first place, it would have been obvious they were never ever going to work in practise. They are a mess, pure and simple. This type of assessment is in a shambles because ofqual do not proactively monitor what is happening. Let us be honest, it is in everyone's interest that teachers cheat so pupils, their parents, the Governors, the teachers, the Head, the exam boards and the Government can all feel happy. The last people who will do anything about a problem is ofqual, even though that is their job - if they did, they would have to admit that yet again, for the unmpteenth time, they sat back and did nothing to ensure controlled assessments worked. They sat back whilst many schools blatantly cheated, knowing that no one will be asking questions.

    The joke, of course, with this review, is that the teachers and schools Are the ones who will feed into the review and may well point out the logistical problems, but who is going to tell ofqual about the widespread cheating? Not likely to happen, is it, so the review will predictably not get to the bottom of the problem.
  4. Yes, it goes on.

    I don't do it.

    All of my kids do separate ORIGINAL projects and if I spot copying, I disqualify them.

    There again, all of my OCR National students do original coursework, too - that's real masochism for you.

    I wouldn't mind more exams - they are easier for me and with a few years mark schemes you can cram the kids easily.
  5. I might be being thick here, but is there a reason we couldn't do it like I did Science practicals at school ?

  6. I might be being thick here, but how did you do your Science practicals at school?
  7. Well, in Auti's day, you would follow this process:

    1) Obtain permission of and set a date and venue with Chief High Wizard of the land.

    2) Find your own Wizards cave.

    3) Prep: all students must provide their own cauldrons, kindling and firewood and other key ingredients such as eye of newt, gargoyle sweat, tongue of toad, bat's whiskers and troll testicles. Cats were NOT allowed.

    4) All students get 2 hours to turn dog faeces into gold. Some things never change - all doing the same thing.

    Assessment was complex - no-one ever achieved the objective but skills such as cauldron management and toad shelling were assessed.

    Have we come very far?
  8. It's a great system ofqual have developed to ensure they never have to take responsibility for anything. First, they get exam boards to produce unworkable specifications for controlled assessments based on ofquals guidelines. Then they make the exam boards implement them, but without insisting on a pilot so problems can be identified in advance and changes made - we know the predictable results. Then they don't check whether everything was working as intended after the launch. After numerous complaints from schools and clear evidence of widespread cheating and confusion (obvious within weeks of the launch), they announce a review nearly two years after everyone started battling though this mess, a review that will probably last the best part of a further two years. Meanwhile, most of the people in ofsted concerned with this review will probably have moved on or changed responsibilities. Then when the review is complete, we'll probably have either a new education secretary, or a new Government, or both, and everything will get reviewed again.
    Thank d Lord I am retiring from all of this Kafka-esq Krap in 75 days and 75 nights.
  9. Scheduled like any other exam but longer - arrived on the day, given the practical at the start of the exam like any other exam paper, completed it and wrote it up under exam conditions.

  10. When coursework first came in (yes I'm that old) - I remember thinking that the exam boards were pulling a fast one. Charging schools to enter the exam and then asking teachers to both set and mark the major part of it - for nothing. I'd always thought the exam entrance fee was mainly to cover the marking and setting costs - silly, silly me.
    So the problem with abolishing coursework was - how to get the teachers to still do all the boards marking on an unpaid basis. A proper set assignment - arriving on the day - and being posted back? Well fantastic on every front EXCEPT - who would mark it for nothing - and all those chief execs at Edexcel have Ferraris on order and everything - they couldn't possibly afford to get the papers marked or even set properly by impartial markers.
    So what is the cheapest, nastiest way of getting this done for nothing? Well - that'd be Controlled Assessments.

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