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Official guidelines on managing a core subject in a primary school...

Discussion in 'Primary' started by becktonboy, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    The pixie is quite right about UPS (at any level) having no requirement to undertake subject coordination or any other whole school responsibility. If you are responsible and accoubntable for something, then you should get a TLR. If the school operates on a helping out basis, then you should get non-contact time in which to carry out any work and management has to bear the responsibility for the area you are working on.
    All the legal requiremnts concerning pay and conditions are in the STPCD.

  2. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    They are definitely not a law unto themselves: there's plenty of law to support people who want to stand up for themselves but yes, I agree with you about heads, parapets and getting away with stuff. It's a pity teachers often don't follow their own advice to children about bullies.

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