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Offers and Contracts

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by ItsLMNtree, May 8, 2012.

  1. Hi
    I've been offered a job at a school in the Middle East, I indicated (as requested) that I would be accepting the job. I have since been sent a letter of intent which has been signed by both parties. The job is conditional of references, security check, qualifications and approval by the Govt Ed body. First two, no problem. Qualifications are fine, but they want them all attested and won't act on getting approval until the attested copies are emailed. This is the problem. My documents are still in the Embassy in Australia. Even when they are sent and I forward them on to the school I will still be waiting for the contract and the 31st of May is looming fast. It is unlikely that I will be emailing the school with the docs before 15th May (although fingers crossed it may happen) but that will give them a fortnight. I know there will be no problem with my qualifications, it is just the timing that I'm concerned about.
    My question, is there any possibility that the school could retract the offer because the contract hasn't been issued even though they have said the LOI is their commitment to me etc and of me to them. Is it like the UK where if an offer is made and accepted it's a done deal?
    I haven't resigned yet, but my school knows of my intention so of course are hassling me (low level) so they can start to get in place stuff for next year.
    Any thoughts would be appreciated (first time applicant in the ME so still finding my way).

  2. Were you hired through an agency like Search or ISS? In that case, your word is your bond. On both sides. After there is evidence an offer has been extended and accepted, they can't retract without consequences (potentially less for the school, I don't know, but it wouldn't be nothing) and you can't also. With an email, or signed letters of intent, there would be no 'he said/she said' dithering, it would be a clear cut issue with the agency. The school would have to have a really good answer to the agency's "Why?", such as, "He/She molests children." Or something else of the same level of seriousness.
    If you were hired outside of the help of an agency, I wouldn't automatically assume that they won't honor their word. The individuals and specific school involved and the reputation they have for straight dealing would play more of a part in it. You have researched your school and have a good idea of this, yes? If not, there are people here who could give you an idea of the reputation of the school if you hint.
    Please bear in mind, slow paper is a fact of life in a lot of places. If this is true in your destination, I would not worry on that basis alone, as long as there is open communication. Schools understand beaurocracy. I guess something could happen in the meantime, but I wouldn't let worry get the best of you over slow papers. Just let them know how things stand and that you're on top of it. The simplest solution is probably the one that will happen.
    Slow paper might be the one thing that unites us all over the world. [​IMG] I wouldn't hold up your current school from moving forward, all other things being equal. There's no reason to pi55 off your current employer.
  3. Hmmm, I found the job on the Search database but I applied directly to the school, in fact they had offered me the position before the job vacancy even made it live to their school website, so I'm not sure where the agency stand with this. I guess if there was a problem I could go to the agency and see what happens. It is a good school and part of a bigger 'chain' (not the precious stone one though).
    The new school has been very upfront with all the information, the Head of Dept chats on email to me about what is going on in the school and he has promised me info regarding SoW in the next week or so. They know that I am waiting for docs, and I'm in regular contact with the school.
    I desperately want to resign so I can mentally move on. I just feel in limbo at the moment. I want to finalise what is happening at my old school so they can sort out a replacement asap. I just have to admit I'm just a little nervous to take a leap of faith, although I think I will if I have to on the 30th of May so I can take that letter in on the 31st... (thanks Penelopefish)
  4. Yeah, if you are chatting with the HoD regularly and found the school on Search, I would say, all is peachy. Your Search Associate will really, really want to be in the loop, so might be best not to delay telling them too. Congratulations! [​IMG]
  5. happygreenfrog

    happygreenfrog Occasional commenter

    Norty, norty.
  6. Is there another way to apply??? Serious question, I thought that was how it worked, they listed them and you applied to the school, as it wasn't even on their own website my email that went with my application said I found the job on the Search Site... Please let me know how I should have applied...
  7. I think happygreenfrog just means that it's customary to cc your associate in when you apply so that they know what's going on. And to cc them when responding to something like an offer in an email. They will really, really want to be in the loop. I found their internal messaging system (from the dashboard) obnoxious for sending cvs. There's no way to attach the document, so if you've taken any effort at all to format, it's gone. Bit silly. I sent my own emails and cc-ed the associate in, making sure to mention in the body of the email that I was with Search, so that they knew they could easily check references there, if they wanted. hgf, if I'm misrepresenting, please [​IMG]
    If it's been more than a few days since all of this happened, I would neglect to mention that to your associate and focus instead on the fact that you accepted an offer. [​IMG]
  8. Thanks, I thought I'd done something significantly wrong...
  9. Since you told the school you were with Search, it's not like they could have thought that they could hire you and not pay the fee. Don't worry on that end, but best not to ruffle your associate's feathers by letting them know if any time has passed since this has happened. I'd just stick to the fact that it did and and cc them in the next go around.
  10. gulfgolf

    gulfgolf Established commenter

    I wouldn't worry. Based on your interaction with the school, they are keen on you and you are keen on them, and they have no reason to cancel.
    Karvol's right, it can happen. But why would it? A school's reputation and behavior during/after hiring are key indicators here, and yours seems to be just fine.

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