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offered new job for September...HELP

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by k1rstyd, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    I graduated last July and have been doing supply since. The week before Easter I was phoned and offered an interview for a fixed term job starting in September. Two days before the interview I realised I was pregnant (unexpected), but I went for the interview anyway because I wasn't even sure I would get it (It was internal only & they had a few supply they knew). But I was phoned and offered the job verbally and told a contract would be sent out. To be honest I was in a daze anyway because it was an 'everything happening at once' situation.
    Now I am totally confused about what to do. I wouldn't want months off on Maternity leave anyway (I'd go stir crazy, I'm not a stay at home person!) and I've worked out I'm due 25th November but because of complications with my first, I'd have a C which would be approximately 2 weeks before. So, realistically, I could (& would) work until October half term and be back in January.
    This is my dream school, year group etc, but I can't help feeling like a fraud and obliged to tell the head & give her the option to give her the get out. My desire to work at that school and give it my all hasn't and won't change. I'm only 7 weeks now so I know I don't need to say anything and that plenty can go wrong but if I have been offered the job, surely it would be better to give her prior warning for maternity etc and let her know I'm not taking the mick!
  2. In a way you did them a favour - if they had turned you down because of a pregancy that would make them guilty of sex discrimination. You are entitled to take this job and why shouldn't you? Who's to say you turn it down and the next person gets knocked up shortly as well!
    If you are still in doubt contact your union (make sure you join one if you haven't) and your borough rep can set your mind at rest.
  3. sabby81

    sabby81 New commenter

    I agree with the post above. You got the job because you were the best out there! Don't be stressing over this at all. Financially it'll make no difference in terms of the school having to pay you maternity pay - it'll just mean that they'll need to cover you whilst you're off. You're a long term investment for the school so they've spotted you're a good teacher and will want to keep you. Just don't be guilt tripped into promising to return after birth so soon - you are entitled to the full year and you may decide you want it. I wouldn't say anything at all yet. Well done on the job and the pregnancy though - exciting times ahead for you :)
  4. Thank you to you both!
    It is only a 12 month contract initially so if I took a year I'd never be there :)
    Honestly though, I hated being off with my first for so long (mind you I wasn't teaching then) because I thought my brain would never switch back on again!!
  5. Thank you to you both!
    I am very excited (about both) now I've got my head around it all...very good timing for the Easter holidays :)
    I honestly wouldn't take a year off, it drove me absolutely insane last time (I know we're not supposed to say that!), and I was only working in a call centre then! Whilst my daughter is my absolute world I completely missed using my brain! Plus, if I took a year I'd never actually go in :)
    Thanks again both of you for your advice... It's all been a bit overwhelming (& not the best timing!) but I do believe things happen for a reason...even if it seems a well hidden reason :)
  6. Avasmammy

    Avasmammy New commenter

    *** it! Just take the job and keep your mouth shut, they don't need to know anything, yet. Just look after you and your LO.
  7. Hello
    & thanks everyone for the advice & replies [​IMG]
    I think the rule with SMP is if you have been working for 26 weeks in the year before the baby is born then you can get SMP which is £135 a week, but if not you get Mat at £68 per week. Both of those are from the Govt not school.
    I've been doing supply since November, but obviously won't work from July until the beginning of September when my new contract starts... but the guidance is a bit confusing not sure if it means the 12 months previous, or from the start of the last financial year?
    I'm not planning on being off too long onyway so I'm not too stressed about it, just feeling a fraud for having not told them yet!

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