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Offered a place- Bath Spa Primary PGCE 2012

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by lucyd87, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I was just wondering if anyone has been accepted for a place at Bath Spa, for Primary?
    I had an interview on 12th Dec, thought it had gone terribly, and was convinced I wouldn't get a place. We were told we probably wouldn't hear until after Christmas if we had a place, but they might let us know before that if we hadn't. When I had an email asking me to check Track 4 days later, I was sure it would say I had been rejected, but thankfully not!! What a great Christmas present! Now to spend the next 9 months revising Maths in time for September!

    Haven't come across many people on here that have applied to Bath, so just thought I'd see if anybody has, or if you were successful?
  2. Joanne2009

    Joanne2009 New commenter

    Congratulations on your offer of a place :)
    I haven't applied there but I have been offered an interview for Newcastle Northumbria - yikes!
    Joanne [​IMG]
  3. Hello,
    I have also applied to Bath Spa for the General primary programme and I have an interview next friday!
    Congratulations on getting a place! How was the interview? I've just started to do some research and practice tests, getting a bit nervous now.
    Fingers crossed it goes ok next week!
  4. Hi Sarah,
    Well, as I said, I thought I'd done pretty badly in the interview, but looking back it wasn't too bad. The day itself was really good. The staff really make you feel at ease. They gave us a short introduction about the course, then we got split into two groups- one group did the maths test and essay first and the other did the group interview.

    The maths test was 10 questions, with multiple choice answers. I found it quite hard, (but have always been bad at maths) and ended up guessing a few answers. (On GTTR it says I have an unconditional offer but have to audit my skills using a GCSE maths revision guide- so I think that shows how badly I did on the test. Luckily- and they tell you this on the day- doing badly at that doesn't rule you out, if everything else is good.)
    I would suggest mainly revising fractions, ratios and percentages, as most of the questions were on these.
    For the essay, lots of people brought in drafts and then quickly read through them before writing them out from memory. This never works for me, so I just bullet pointed a few ideas the day before, read through them in the morning, then just wrote what came naturally to me on the day.

    The group interview was fine. There were 4 others in mine, and we all introduced ourselves and spoke about our experience working with kids. Then we all picked at random a newspaper article to read and told the group about it in turn. We then had to read it again, making notes, and think of a question to pose to the others about the article. I think the most important thing to do during this is to make sure that you find something to say about each topic, or to expand on someone elses point if they have said the same thing you were thinking of (which happened to me a few times, and I just said that I agreed, and gave examples of what I'd seen in my work experience.)
    Hope that doesn't sound too confusing- it's actually a really good day, and they all try hard to put you at ease. I was incredibly nervous (hence why I thought I messed up) but you just have to try to relax and talk to as many other applicants as possible during the day, which helped to calm me down and took my mind off it.
    Good luck, I'm sure you'll do great! :)
  5. Ooops, didn't mean to ramble on that much!! What a long-winded post!
  6. Hello Lucy,
    Thank you so much for all the info! Much appreciated. I am currently looking at the BBC Bitesize website in order to brush up my Maths, surprising how much you forget. I have written down some bullet points too for the English test so i'll just try and memorise them and then write it out on the day, don't see the point of memorising a whole short-essay chunk. I think the main thing, as you say, is to just try and relax on the day and not to stress too much. I need to find out more info on current educational topics so a day in front of my laptop is a must today!
    Thank you so much again for all the info and advice, feel like I'll be well-prepared now!
    I'll let you know how I get on Friday.
    Happy New Year!
  7. Hi,

    I had my interview on the 7th December and also got offered a place before Christmas! I'm so glad we found out before Christmas so I could stop worrying!

    I am guessing now we just wait for CRB forms to come and hopefully they'll give us some more info.
  8. Hi, Sarahelin86

    I am so glad i managed to stumble across this forum as I too have an interview for general primary on friday.
    The information posted is really useful- thank you and well done on gaining a place!

    Charlotte :)
  9. Hi Lucy! I have been offered (and Iaccepted!) a place on the General Primary course at Bath Spa Uni. I'm so excited!

  10. Hey, so the interview on friday went ok i thought and i've just found out i've got a place on the General primary course too!!! x
  11. Hi, Congrats on getting a place!!
    I have an interview at Bath Spa.

    Any advice for the individual interview?

    What sort of educational issues came up in the group discussion.

    I am so nervous.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

  12. Hiya,
    I don't know if you've seen one of my previous posts, but I've put on here about how the day is set out, what they ask you do, etc. Might help a little?

    I think the educational issues we had in my group interview were things like exclusion, behaviour management, boring lessons, class divides affecting pupil performance, that kind of thing. You can't really prepare too much for that bit as you won't know what you'll get til you're in there, but you get time to read and make notes- it's very relaxed.

    And there isn't actually an individual, or 1 on 1 interview, so don't worry about that!

    I'm sure you'll be great! :)
  13. Hi alktec!
    If you don't mind me asking, when did you apply to Bath Spa and when did you hear that you had an interview? It has now been 28 days since my aplication was sent and I still haven't heard anything...
    I am moving to Madrid at the end of January and it is agony waiting to hear back from Bath Spa!
    Good luck with your interview [​IMG]
  14. Also congratulations to everyone else who managed to get a place on the course!
  15. Hi Lucy,
    thanks a million for the reply.

    I hope I can express myself on the day. Well done again on getting a place, you must be over the moon.

    Really appreciate you getting back to me

  16. Hi lauravanstone,
    I applied before the deadline(Dec 1st) and heard back in January.
    Hope this helps


  17. seivad89

    seivad89 New commenter

    Hi Lucy,
    Congratulations on getting a place (at the best place)! Your information is really helpful so thanks for this but I was wondering if the articles you had to read were education related?

    Basically I failed my first interview at UWE, I didn't prepare whatsoever. Some how I've been offered an interview for the 21st Feb at Bath Spa!! So happy but very very apprehensive at the same time! Also for the maths test can you do workings out?

    Thanks alot, you've already been asked a load of questions!

  18. Hi Sam! I applied to UWE too, but as my 2nd choice!
    Yes, the articles were all taken from the TES paper and about education issues. Found it hard to prepare for that bit though, as they turned them upside down on the table and everyone picked one, so it's kind of pot luck what you get. You get a fair bit of time to read through them though, and that bit of the interview felt very informal.

    With the Maths test, it was multiple choice, but you could do workings out in the margin. They said that showing workings may help as even if you didn't complete a Q, or maybe got the wrong answer, if they could see how you went about working it out, it might work in your favour, if that makes sense?
    Good luck, hope it goes well!
  19. seivad89

    seivad89 New commenter

    Thanks for the reply! I really really want this, bath was where I wanted to go all along but I didn't realise the gttr only sent off applications once at a time, so it went to UWE, which I didn't mind too much as I already study at UWE; however I didn't really prepare very well (our interview was a presentation) so I fell below the required standard.
    But maybe it will all work out as Bath Spa was where I wanted to go all along (I didn;t change choice because I knew how hard it was to get a place at bath compared with UWE!)
    Anyhow, thanks for the info! I'l prepare by reading the TES paper each day a few weeks before the interview. Do you know if it was the current issue that you read? Also at the begining of interview, when you speak of your experience, do you get to speak very briefly or for a few minutes? Just so I can roughly prepare what to say!
    The maths should be OK, the UWE maths test was definately only KS2 level, so was pretty easy, do you think Bath Spa maths test is slightly harder, say GCSE level?
    What age range have you gone for by the way? I've gone for 5-11, wonder how many places are left....it's all so stressful! It doesn't help that I'm still at uni and most other applicants are probably professionals!!

    Thanks again so much Lucy, it's really helpful to get this perspective on what to expect for preparation :)
  20. Hey Sam,
    Hope it works out for you, would be great if you got in to the Uni you wanted in the first place!
    I think the article I had was from a few months earlier, but can't really remember.
    We literally just spoke about our experience for like a minute each or something (or less, in my case as I had less experience than the others!)
    I found the Maths test hard, but I am quite bad at Maths. Other people at my interview said they thought it was fairly easy. I heard there were quite alot of questions at UWE and it wasn't multiple choice, whereas there are only 10 at Bath Spa and choices 1-5 so you've got more chance of getting it right I guess?!

    I'll be doing 5-11 too! I wouldn't worry about being at uni still- lots of people at my interview were! :)

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