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Offer in Qatar

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by WBSBCBA, Aug 4, 2020.


    WBSBCBA New commenter


    I am waiting to receive an offer from a school in Qatar. I was wondering if anyone can tell me what the going monthly salary rate for a single(no dependents) certified secondary teacher with 12 years experience would be in Qatar? The position is 9th & 10th grade English teacher at an American private school.

    I want to know what the lowest acceptable rate would be. I don't want to just accept a position and get there to find out I can barely survive.

    Please advise. Thank you in advance.

  2. myothername

    myothername New commenter

    If you have an offer from THE American school, you have nothing to worry about.
    WBSBCBA likes this.
  3. flowerpowerfriday

    flowerpowerfriday New commenter

    I would say nothing under 14k with single accommodation.
    WBSBCBA likes this.

    WBSBCBA New commenter

    I wish. I couldn't find any vacancies. I don't know how to private message you, but have some more questions. Can you please private message me?
  5. taiyah

    taiyah Occasional commenter

    Considering your late appointment, one is guessing that you are waiting an offer from Amex schools #3 or #4. If you're offered or can negotiate at least 13k or more a month, then you've done very well.

    If your accommodation & all bills are paid for and of single occupancy then a minimum of 13000QR will allow you to save.

    Would like to say a min of 13500 - 14000 but knowing the possible school you’re waiting on, 13k/QR monthly would be a realistic figure. This is due to the financial impact of Covid.

    Good luck.
    WBSBCBA likes this.

    WBSBCBA New commenter

    Amex schools #3 or #4? Where is the list? I don't know which schools they are.

    The school is a health magnett school connected to a school in Houston, Texas that was founded by a renowned heart surgeon. Do you know the school?

    Also, they had a teacher back out due to Coronavirus fears, so the position opened up.
  7. taiyah

    taiyah Occasional commenter

    @WBSBCBA there's no list. The # was used to differentiate the schools without breaking TES Forum rules.

    I will send you a PM.

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