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Offer for PGCE at Swansea met - September 2012 start

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by luc28, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. Hey Molly
    Thanks for the reply, it's good to know that someone else is still waiting and it's not just me! I had a letter from gttr yesterday telling me that the uni has requested more time so it's just a matter of waiting and fingers crossed now! :) I will give you a reply when I find out and let you know if it's a yes or no for me. Hopefully it will be good news for both of us! Lucy
  2. Thanks for all the information djaye14, it was a big help. Kind regards, Lucy.
  3. Hi, I've got an interview at Swansea on 16th Feb.
    How was your interview? What else did they ask you to do? :))
  4. Hey Carolina. What course was it for? Iapplied for lower primary. We got there in the morning and went and registered and handed in copies of any certificates. We then got gathered together and had an introduction about the course. After that we got put in small groups and signed to a tutor and we then a a maths test, english test, spelling test and had to write about an article we were given to read. In the afternoon we had our interview times starting from 1pm, there was your tutor and one other person interviewing you, we had to present our 5 minute lesson to them and then had some questions. There wasn't many interview questions, just a general chat about you and your experience, but brush up on current educational issues in Wales because I was asked to comment on them. Good luck for your interview, hopefully I will get an answer soon, they seem to be really slow in replying! Let me know how it goes, hope this response helps! :)
  5. Hi,

    Has anyone heard yet as to whether they have been accepted or not for the Primary PGCE September 2012?

    : )
  6. Hi,

    I've just had my interview this morning for the ICT PGSE @ Swansea Met - I was the only ICT person there though so I don't know if that is a good sign or not?!?!?

    Gave my 5 minute presentation, wrote a three page essay and answered some general ICT based questions and some broad questions about why I want to become a teacher etc.

    They said they would let me know via email soon.

    Fingers crossed.
  7. Hi Lucy. I have my interview for lower primary PGCE tomorrow and I am so worried about the 5 minute teaching episode. Any tips? Sarah.
  8. Hi all, did anyone manage to get a place on the course this year? Be great to hear from you!
  9. Hi! I got a conditional offer to study PGCE upper primary in Swansea, so long as I get a 2.2 or more on my current degree! It's just a waiting game now [​IMG] I'd be interested to hear from other people starting in September!
  10. I've been accepted to do upper primary!
    Is there a facebook group or anything?!
  11. https://www.facebook.com/groups/swansea.pgce/

    there may be a specific one for upper primary
  12. Hi,

    I've also been accepted on the upper primary course welsh mefium. I was interviewed the same day as you and was sat on the same desk for our tests. Remember those tests? We must have done something right. Lol. Nice to see someone I remember got a place.
  13. Hi all.

    I'm starting my PGCE Upper Primary at Swansea Met in September too. Quite daunted by all the prep work though!

    Anyway - just to let you know there is a Facebook page for the course called Swansea Met Primary PGCE 2012/13. Hope this helps, and see you there!

    Rebecca Ward

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