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Off work with WRS

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by Emr1983, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. Emr1983

    Emr1983 New commenter

    Since the second week back this academic year, I have been signed off work with work related stress (I live and breathe teaching which means working non stop if not physically but mentally never able to switch off or sleep for more than a few hours- I think moving year group didn’t help from eyfs to ks2. Also a new headteacher who is driving the school at the result of many teachers not coping and hating their jobs, little support- the list could go on!) and dread to think about returning to teaching at the moment. I have taught at my school for over two years now and have previously had an excellent attendance and worried that I will not get a reference I feel I deserve, as I have always been told by previous headteacher and noted by this one that I am excellent and go above and beyond for the job.
    I have told the headteacher I will be resigning to leave at Christmas but want to secure my pay progression ( to help with if I decide to try supply or go back to teaching at a later time) as I have met my targets and also get a good reference that I deserve. Basically, how can I ensure I will get my performance management and pay progression and also that I have a decent, true reference?
  2. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    4.46 am. Not a good time especially if you're not set for work.
    Priority 1 is to get yourself back to a place where you can work the way you want to work.
    I am assuming you mean pay progression from last year to this year. Sort your documents. If you think that there's any risk of not getting progression because of the HT moving the goalposts, then is the time to talk to your union.
    Look after yourself, remember that there's more to life than teaching.
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  3. mothorchid

    mothorchid Star commenter

    So sorry to hear you are unwell.
    To be honest, pay progression should not be the main issue here. I know it's easy to say from the outside, but really, you have managed this year so, if necessary, you can manage next year on this salary too.
    The main issue is your health. It sounds as if you have, in fact, resigned already. That's OK, and I hope it has brought you some relief and peace of mind, though your 4.46am posting implies otherwise.
    But, through union support if necessary, talk to your HT about the reference. Is he/she approachable? Will your line manager have input? Can you discuss with your LM what you'd like to be included?
    I'm sure you'll find another job and your pay will be fine, but at the moment, your own health MUST be your main priority.
    Take care.
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  4. Emr1983

    Emr1983 New commenter

    I don’t really think my HT is approachable he says a lot of things, then doesn’t follow through. My line manager for the last couple of years would be the best for the reference so maybe I should think of a SA? Union have advised I stay off until I feel better to make the right decision. However, I worry this could be closer to January than the notice date at the end of this month.
    With regards to the pay rise, I feel it is only fair I get it as I have worked hard and nothing has been mentioned why I shouldn’t move up the scale. If I do decide to do some supply or apply in the future for teaching posts I think this will look better?
    I am trying my best not to think about work, but I’m finding it very hard to switch off. I have turned off my work emails to my phone but still find myself checking each day.
  5. Emr1983

    Emr1983 New commenter

    It certainly isn’t the main issue, the reference is the most important. Thank you for your advice. It makes me feel slightly better having supportive advice, which is what I need at the moment .
  6. dunnocks

    dunnocks Star commenter

    sorry you re not well, it sounds like you are one of those who gives too much to the job. It has an insatiable appetite, you know, the more you feed it the hungrier it gets!

    Try to feed it a bit less when you move on, maybe?

    Don't worry about the pay progression, getting awarded it in a school you are leaving doesn't mean you will ever see it anyway, its not worth the stress
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  7. Emr1983

    Emr1983 New commenter

    I find it so hard to do things not perfect and I think being out of my comfort zone with little support from slt was my cracking zone. Lots of people tell me to care less and that I’m good enough and a perfectionist. I feel the job isn’t suited for me to be honest as it really messes with my self confidence and view of myself.
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  8. scienceteachasghost

    scienceteachasghost Lead commenter

    You have my best wishes for recovery, early morning waking is strongly indicative of anxiety/depression (4.46am post!) - look into that?
  9. Emr1983

    Emr1983 New commenter

    Since being off work, luckily, I only have few nights like this now. Once awake my head swirls with thinking about school and what a let down I feel. Fortunately, It is getting less frequent and better slowly.

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