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Off with stress - advice needed please.

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by emilythederranged, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. Posted on workplace dilemmas too:

    Please help. I am a primary school teacher/maths leader who is off with stress for 2 major reasons. I have a pupil in my class who is violent to other pupils and has ADHD. His behaviour is out of control and he does not respond to sanctions given to him. I am following all of the advice from behaviour support service and various other agencies to incorporate other strategies into the classroom. These do not work either. My TA is physically disabled, so I have elected to ask a friend who is a lunchtime supervisor at the school to come in and support him voluntarily. A statement is being pushed for, but the acting head refuses to find the money to provide one to one support for him (voluntary help is not there all of the time) and will not write a risk assessment for him to ensure a safe environment for everyone. The union were called and they asked him to do it, but he 'didn't see what good it would do'. The politics surrounding the situation I found was really draining, particularly as Mum isn't very supportive and would rather blame than work with the school to find a solution. The acting head also lied to the union and said I had four members of staff in my classroom, when actually, I have me, a student TA, which is extra pressure, my TA and the voluntary person who has offered to come in to help me. The second issue is that I am a newly appointed TLR for maths, which commenced in September. I have so many good ideas and know exactly how to lead the curriculum area. We have just come through special measures and I know exactly what to do to drive the school forward. The problem is that they got rid of a lot of the local authority advisers in our authority, and our acting deputy is one of those former advisers who has been in place by one of her mates, still an adviser. The acting deputy used to be a maths adviser, and therefore does my job for me and gives me the menial tasks to do, like I'm her secretary, or rebuffs my ideas or fobs me off. The two combined nearly sent me over the edge before Christmas. I'm in a ridiculous position where I'm meant to be leading progress meetings because she said I should - but I have no idea what I'm meant to be doing because I've never done them before - and she's elected herself as my mentor! So last Tuesday, I felt so ill. My union had called the head and there was no progress with the situation concerning the child and I knew from the leadership meeting the previous night that I would have to do these progress meetings AND lesson observations the week after. My boyfriend drove me home and virtually put me to bed. I couldn't stop crying. I felt so weak and slept for the whole day after. When I woke, I just kept on crying. I still feel like this. I tried to reiterate to the head, the deputy and the SENCo how ill I felt. They brushed it aside. Only my other colleagues could see what effect it was having on me. They were quite concerned. I was upset all over Christmas too. I have applied for three jobs so I can get out of there, but I'm scared that the head will mention this period of time off, but I just can't face going in. It makes me feel so sick and upset, especially now I hear that the deputy has made my name mud around school. I just don't know if I can carry on like this much longer. What do I do? I'm so anxious. Thank you.
  2. Talk to your doctor and to your union. You dont sound as if you are well enough to be working at the moment so take the time you need to feel better and advice from your union as to how to proceede.
    Good luck.
  3. chuk

    chuk New commenter

    Take time out. Step back, and forget about work, until you feel calm enough to deal with all of this.
    1. When you feel calm, speak to your union.
    2. Talk to your Doctor.
    3. Seek advice from occupational health.
    4. Ask for anvice from your human resources department.
    5. Use the teacher support helpline.
    I have had been forced to take time off on more than one occasion during 12 years of teaching.
    Don't feel bad, get yourself better, and things WILL sort themselves out. Take care, and keep posting if you feel you are able to.

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