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Off sick for a year after completing training, how do i get back into teaching

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by abiwhitehouse, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. abiwhitehouse

    abiwhitehouse New commenter

    Last summer I was working in an FE college, and it was March, the end of the year was fast approaching,I was an hourly paid newly qualified teacher, my observations had always been good, Or college changed hands and I had a bad observation, a 4, i was devastated as i had a group of 52 students, all with their heads down and working well, apparently i had gone wrong because it was a workshop, I was apparently meant to do chunking, and to stop the students every 10 mins to make them do something else, I had never heard of this or seen this in my training or college. I was incredibly confused as the students were to complete a filnal written project, so this was the focus, all details were in my lesson plan. I was told that i would have to take unpaid work in the college to train, staring straight way, I was basically losing my job and my income on the spot and was to work in training. I was devastated, 3 children single parent, wats was i going to do? i got incredibly sick and lost the use of my right side with a very bad virus, I was laid up for a good couple of months. The new company were making cuts to all hourly paid staff and so of course i lost my job there, and my confidence and health.
    I feel like my training hadnt given me enough input, i put in 18 hours a week of volunteering in a placement to learn as much as possible,
    A year on and i am a lot better, still signed off work until July, and I need to think about my future, The teaching i enjoyed, until this awful thing happened, and as a result of the loss of wage I was made homeless with my children, I am in abetter place now, But my question is this
    Is there a way I can add to my training? Can i do a placement to build up my confidence and fill in all the gaps like, what is chunking and can i observe these things? I feel i put in years to train for free and so much time. I did so well in my teaching course, and was so happy.
    How can i turn this around and use my qualification again? It was a Cert Ed not a PGCE
    Any input at all would be so welcome. Im not sure how to pull myself together to be brave enough to go back, Im 43 and this was my goal to teach,
  2. dunnocks

    dunnocks Star commenter

    where is your union in all this? surely you have a case to go to tribununal?
    abiwhitehouse likes this.
  3. abiwhitehouse

    abiwhitehouse New commenter

    Gosh, i have never been told about a union
  4. abiwhitehouse

    abiwhitehouse New commenter

    The college was in the process of merging as this was happening, the head of the arts was unavailable and we then found he had lost his job to because of the cuts. There didnt really seem to be any one to go to, or anyone to help at that time.
  5. dunnocks

    dunnocks Star commenter

    It sounds to me like someone decided you were going to be "pruned", then the 4 was given to simplify the process: the 4 was probably decided on before the observer set foot in your class room, and to be honest, if you were not any the list of any union membership, you were an easy economy to make
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  6. dunnocks

    dunnocks Star commenter

    Join a union straight away if you go back into teaching.
  7. saluki

    saluki Lead commenter

    I think that you will have to go to another college and start all over again. I am assuming that you did not gain your Cert Ed or CETs as it is now known.
    Working free of charge?? Pull the other one. That college is rubbish. go elsewhere.
  8. abiwhitehouse

    abiwhitehouse New commenter

    i did do my Cert Ed and paid for it, i did it over two years and gave the college many hours of help as i thought it would help me, i think the college i trained at was just rubbish, in the end the college had to merge as it was inadequate to many times. in the first 3 years I always got a good grade in my observations, in the college and teaching for the college in the community, twice in a row i had a 4 :( the first observation was random, and i was to finish one lesson in one end of a building, and to start my next lesson at the finish time of my last lesson. i couldnt access the room until the second tutor had finished, so i said i felt i was set up to fail due to room planning, i was graded 4 because i wasnt in the class room at the start time of the lesson with the students, that was that.
    then the second was as i described above. i was so devastated, I got so unwell after that, i think prob a fair comment to say i was set up i guess.
    I would like to turn this around though, and get back to teaching, do you think if i volunteered my time in a excellent college this might be helpful?
  9. Babbit_Resources

    Babbit_Resources New commenter

    I would be wary about volunteering in a college. You are a qualified teacher and should be paid for your time. If you go in as a volunteer, it may be that they will continue to use you in this capacity long after they should. Have you signed up with any agencies? Protocol are one of main FE ones and may be able to help by getting you some hours which would then kick starts your CV again. Be clear about what you want and will and will not do - you don't want to find yourself in a situation where you feel overwhelmed or out of your comfort zone. This is a tough time of year to get supply work in FE as most courses are coming to a close and Heads of Department will probably merge classes/ask internal staff to cover at this stage of the year, but don't let that put you off. Getting your CV out there now will probably pay off in September. Volunteering would be great for your confidence but I would focus on volunteering for a charity that works with young people or in a similar field to your subject. And as others have said, join a union. The cost can be off putting when you're not earning but they will provide legal advice and support if you find yourself in the type of situation you describe again. UCU are the main one in FE - although they are one of the most expensive unions - but any teaching union would be a good start. Good luck

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