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Of koalas and welding gloves

Discussion in 'Personal' started by adelady, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. So there I was, happily TESing and checking out a few things. A gasping MrA turns up at the back door - with an armful of squirming, grunting, very unhappy koala.
    He'd been out for his late night constitutional when a woman accosted him at a traffic light governed intersection - pointed to Australia's stupidest marsupial wandering from one concrete gutter to another totally oblivious to traffic. So he gets sucked in to picking the brainless creature up - and promptly stopped any logical thought due to the onslaught of biting and scratching.
    Then she suggests she couldn't handle it and very kindly offered to drive him and his new worst enemy home. And we managed to find a safe and secure spot for Killer, secure only because MrA sat on top of the container.
    I rang the police, who gave me the number for the "Koala Hotline". Who took a while to answer their phone, said a park ranger would call. Waiting, waiting, waiting ..... At least we got a chance to bathe the bites and scratches.
    Eventually the ranger rings. Mainly concerned about whether the koala was injured, we thought not. So he suggested we do what he would have done in an hour's time - he was that far away. Find a gum tree and let him go.
    "Do you have any welding gloves?" he asks. Why, said I. Oh that's what we use when handling koalas he says. MrA gets on an old jacket and gardening gloves, puts the dimwit near the tree, lets him go - and he climbs the pergola. The ranger had stayed on the phone while all this was happening. Oh yes he says blithely. He'll stay up there till he calms down, then he'll come down, walk along the ground until he finds another "tree" to climb. He strongly endorsed our plan to get MrA to the doc first thing for a tetanus shot.
    So how do you plan to spend the last hour before your bedtime?
  2. It didn't pee on Mr A or do they only do that on politicans?
  3. Sorry Adelady...but that's what happens when we live here........I have rescued three injured seagulls, one baby kangaroo, one baby possum (we accidentally drove over its' mother........baby was thrown clear.....) and a stunned baby kookaburra on the road.....that's not to mention the various spiders that i trap under glasses several nights, and release....
  4. A baby possum!! Possums are not just cleverer than koalas (many rocks are cleverer than koalas), they're downright vicious. Lucky it was a baby. Though ringtails are pretty cute.
  5. It WAS a baby ringtail....we were driving home and not that fast....but this possum just charged in front of the car.....and there was this sickening thump.........we went back to check and my first thought was "Oh f e c k ! We've decapitated it! Because there was a big lump and a small lump.......turned out the small lump was the baby......the mother was dead....we phoned WIRES and they came and got the baby...she reckoned it was a out six months old and would survive...and I was cuddling it while I was waiting for WIRES to arrive and it was making all these cute little snuffling noises................
  6. Uh oh. I can hear grunting and growling outside the back door. Looks like our guest is exerting his authority over the resident, rowdy, pestiferous brushtail possums.
  7. Baby kookaburra was the most exciting......driving around a bend...suddenly see stunned baby kookaburra in the middle of the road.......stopped car, picked it up, phoned OH, said bring towel and box..........Got baby kookaburra in box, took it home, phoned local vet who said to bring it in.........so set off with baby kookaburra in box........ Five minutes down the road, baby kookaburra suddenly erupts from box....is flying around my car screaming and throwing itself against windows......nearly had a csr accident, but managed to stop safely.........got the baby bird back into box, weighed the lid down with toolkit box.......got to vet. Vet said 'Can it fly?" I replied "Yes, it can f e c k i n fly!"
  8. I thought Ricky Ponting was in hospital having surgery on his poorly finger?
  9. anon468

    anon468 New commenter

    *falls off chair laughing at Bauble's post* [​IMG]
    (at least I wasn't drinking coffee this time!!)


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