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odd lesson plan ...

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by sarahg1976, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. Had to refuse point blank to carry out someones lesson plan today.
    Hope there is no complaint or comeback but felt it was the only way to avoid a total disaster.
    Topic lesson left was to cover how the victorian children lived and worked in coal mines. OK i thought, No Problems.
    Activity 1 : Demonstrate to children how hard Vic Chn had to work by putting 174 kg of weight onto the lunch box trolley (Using children to create weight) Then create a tunnel of 26 inches (Using children) then have 2 or 3 children in turns pull the trolley through the tunnel.
    I nearly died when i read it.. what a health and safety nightmare.. the teacher actually wanted several children to climb, sit, sprawl onto the lunchbox trolley!! I had to say NO..
    The second activity of creating a newspaper article about children coal miners was much more suitable.
    Just waiting for the complaint to come in about not following the work left. *Sigh*
  2. Children crawling through a tunnel made by other children would be great and work well if the children were of the right temperament (ie not likely to punch one another or collapse the tunnel). Although might still want to select taller children to form the tunnel.
    Did they plan for a supply teacher to be in?! If so it seems an odd one for them to leave for you -a bit different if they know the children and have discussed it with managment (about using the lunch trolley -wouldn't want to give my kids any ideas!)
    You can't be expected to follow work left if it seems unsuitable. Gravity lesson -demonstrate gravity by having a child jump from the window and see if they go up or down! Ummm... no.
  3. Yes they knew I would be covering . Was booked almost 2 weeeks ago.
    And NO they definitely were NOT of the right temperament. Had to threaten the class with SLT just to get through the register.
    I think that with my own class i can see how it would work but given the stories that i hear about supply being used as scapegoats for so many things it just wasn't worth the risk.

  4. les25paul

    les25paul Star commenter

    You were quite right to make this decision, if an activity left is not safe in your eyes and you do not feel confident to do it then the correct thing to do is to leave it out.
    This is not a reflection on your ability or a judgement on the activity since someone else might have different skills or background. Its a case of you using your professional opinion on what you are comfortable to do.
    No reasonable fellow professional will criticise you for your decision.
  5. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Just think. You did follow the second activity. So they can't really criticise you too much.
    The reason you decided against the first activity was on the grounds of H&S (you did note that in your lesson feedback?), and any school worth it's salt would respect such a decision. Ought to applaud you for being aware of the issues- but we won't push our luck!
  6. hayleyrm

    hayleyrm New commenter

    I have previously refused a lesson on unsuitablity grounds and was applauded by the head on my foresight. the lesson I was left for a year 5 class was: childrn use the internet to research articles on anorexia and bulemia!!
    When I told the head he was appalled the lesson had even been planned let alone left for someone to teach to an u.known class!! Would have liked to be a fly on the wall when the teacher returned the next day!!

  7. Best I ever had was arrived at school and a young teacher passed me a vid. Show em that.
    Then run off before I could ask a few questions.
    It was only sex and relationships. I could not get the frigging thing to load anyway, apart from the title sequence.
    Cant believe, it anyway as it was in Food Tech, I decided to abort the game plan, I did a lesson on 'healthy eating' instead.
    I can forgive the year 9 girls for being a bit giggly on this one.
    What a hoot they had, they should have drafted a CS in

  8. OMG! What a rubbish lesson! I wouldn't have done it either to be honest. It would be a health and safety nightmare, but also I am unsure how much the kids would actually learn from that. Sounds like the teacher was a bit lazy in getting any 'proper' resources and just made it up.

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