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odd cat behaviour

Discussion in 'Personal' started by cosmos, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. I have a young cat that I very recently had spayed. She has just started, how shall I put this, shagging her bed. I have had several cats in the past, all spayed, and I have never come across this behaviour before. It is positively sexual . Does this mean the op wasn't completely successful? Or is this quite common?
  2. It COULD be (but not certainly) that she was spayed when she was very hormonal. That would cause this. However, your vet should know if she was hormonal and wouldn't have done the op so that makes this less likely. How long ago was the op?
  3. It sounds hormonal - it is possible, although rare, that part of the uterus has been missed. This happened to a cat I once had.
    Any vet worth his salt will have another look - ours did and she had a reop and the problem was sorted.
  4. btw - a part of the uterus being missed doesn't mean she can get pregnant or carry to term - but it does mean that they act as if they are still Jane Crawford.
    This is how the vet explained it to me, anyway [​IMG]
  5. Just over a fortnight ago. She was a stray and just a very small kitten when she arrived just before Christmas. The vet reckons she is around 5-6 months old so hadn't come into season before the op. I have seen this behaviour in male cats after neutering but never in females.
  6. Would she need another op to remove any remaining uterus (if that is indeed the reason)?
  7. She may do - I have never had a cat spayed before she had had her first season. That was usually around 8 - 10 months.
    Your other option - if you want to spare her another op - is to put her on the pill. This would mean you would have her on the pill for the rest of her life, though, and that is a cost factor (we did this with a feral cat we adopted - it was the best option for this particular cat, it was a bleeding expensive option for us).
    She may settle down again - I would have a word with your vet as to which option is best for both kitty and for you.
  8. Thank you CQ - that's very helpful.

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