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OCR Textiles

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by ajtextiles, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. Well almost there interms of controlled assessments with my year 11s about finished and the year 10s finished by the end of term, but now we have the dreaded preparation for the 2 exams. last year my 10s didn't do that well on the sustainablity question they appeared bored throughout the preparation dispite all I could do to make it interesting. So have to do this better hoefully this year and also ensure my year 11s Know masses more than they do at the moemnt for Technical Aspects of making.
    I'm about to try and plan and draw up lessons starting this weekend. If any kind souls out there has any good ideas and is willing to share I hope I can also recipricate. I have been looking to see if you can find any video stuff on interenet etc to make it less book work type learning.
    My Year 11s were having a big moan about it all but then I think they think learning should be easy and not require effort on their part.

  2. I don't think we have recruited enough bodies for a Textile class this next year - the joys and effects of the E-bacc! However I've been looking at WJEC for DT subjects as they have a lot of support materials on their website and are very prescriptive regarding what they want. Now while this might stifle the brighter more creative student I have to say that I don't have very many of those!
    I attended a course recently for Textile specialists and the vast majority of people were with AQA with one person being with WJEC and only one other school (apart from myself) doing OCR. She was going to change to AQA as well.
    There were some statistics regarding the numbers of students taking exams with each board for last year - AQA had over 17,000, OCR just over 6,000 and WJEC about 2,000, Edexcel were even further behind that. I suspected this was the case as I mark papers for OCR and last year, the number of available papers to mark was much less than previously. I also don't think many people have entered students for the second paper either in June 2010 or January 2011 as the marking schemes are not available (which they are for exam markers for the other subjects, although not up on the OCR website yet).
    All is not rosy with AQA though, the people on my course felt they had had little guidance regarding the Controlled Assessments and some had brought some projects along for group discussion as they had not received much help when they had contacted the board. They did however seem to have had far more guidance that OCR who are still touting their Getting Started and Getting Ahead courses but as yet have created a course with exemplar materials for the Controlled Assessments. I suppose they are waiting till this summer's entries from which to cobble together some materials.
  3. At the training we received they did say that the mark scheme would evalve over time. Not much help when you are trying to mark your work and the criteria etc is not very clear. I had hoped there would be further training for this academic year, but none on. Last year with the old spec I had over 50% with s and A*s but this wont be the case this year - my school has many bright academic students.
    Having invested in the text books etc I'm reluctant to change boards. I'm just hoping the board see things are not as before in terms of results nationally and that people are leaving and going to AQA and do something about it.
    Just enough students have opted this year but many bright girls who might have done textiles in the past have now gone for exciting subjects like French which is up about 25%.
    In the good old days I would be approaching retirement, but things are not so rosy there now. Ah well I'll have to see what August brings!
  4. You and me both!

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