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OCR philosophy . G581. Jan 2012

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by san38, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. san38

    san38 New commenter

    Hi - I posted the Ethics questions on here for someone but would really like to know what the phil questions were please if anyone has them? Alternately does anyone know when they are likely to appear on the OCR website/interchange
    Thanks in anticipation for anyone who is able to help.
  2. mkl

    mkl New commenter

    Hi; I'm in the same position - would love to know the G581 questions. I rang the Board and they will only put them on the Interchange end of March.
    I hope someone will have done them and will let us know!?
  3. Hi guys - here you are.

    1. 'Corporate religious experiences prove the existence of God.' Discuss.
    2. Critically assess the view that the concept of miracle is inconsistent with the belief in a benevolent God.
    3. 'The falsification principle offers no real challenge to religious belief.' Discuss.
    4. Assess the claim that the universe provides no evidence for the existence of an omnipotent God.
  4. mkl

    mkl New commenter

    Thank you so much - this is very useful.
    Based on this my best guesses for 31 May are (the ones in bold are my strongest):
    <u><font size="3">BEST GUESSES for 31 MAY 2012:</font></u>1 (It's very hard to predict anything at A2 but I haven't been too bad in the past.)
  5. Thanks for that. Really helpful. Do you also happen to have the AS Questions from the January paper?
  6. Hi, if possible could you please post the January 2012 Religious Ethics (g582) questions on here as well, it would be very beneficial and much appreciated.
    Thank you very much
  7. A2 Ethics questions btw
  8. Thanks for those San. Will wait nervously to see what comes up next!! Cosmological and evil would be ideal!!!
  9. san38

    san38 New commenter

    Yes Sar23, have noticed that Augustine's theodicy has never come up so have been hammering that one! Cosmological Russell/Copleston has come up a few times - just a straight forward explain the argument would be good!
  10. mkl

    mkl New commenter

    Hi, my best guesses for the May G571 are as follows:
    Plato (analogy of the cave? Or Form of the Good?)
    Aquinas&rsquo; version / Hume&rsquo;s criticisms of the teleological argument?
    Problem of evil: Augustine, or comparison Augustine / Irenaeus?
    Aristotle&rsquo;s Prime Mover?

  11. Hi San, do you have the Ethics A2 Questions from the January 2012 paper?
  12. san38

    san38 New commenter

    as follows:
    1.'all ethical language is prescriptive' discuss.
    2. critically assess the claim that freewill and determinism are compatible
    3. to what extent do modern versions of virtue ethics address the weaknesses of Aristotle's teaching on virtue.
    4.'for moral issues surrounding sex the demands of conscience overide other ethical considerations'.
    I thought it was a tough paper. Students were cautiously optimistist and failed horribly.

  13. Hi mkl, what are your guesses for the 31st May G582? (The Ethics A2 paper)
  14. mkl

    mkl New commenter

    <u>Best guesses for G582 31 May 2012:</u> (strongest ones in bold)Business ethics (&lsquo;is the voice of God&rsquo;? Or &lsquo;should be obeyed&rsquo;?)&lsquo;Our ethical decisions are merely the result of our genes.&rsquo; Discuss.Environment with Utilitarianism?
  15. Hello
    Do you have any guesses for the AS OCR Ethics paper? I am currently wading my way through past papers. Thank you for your suggestions for A2.


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